Losing weight is not easy. In desperation, many people who take slimming drugs to lose weight instantly. But you should not carelessly taking slimming drugs because many side effects.

Healthy weight loss should be done by increasing physical activity along with eating a healthy diet, not by way of instant like taking slimming drugs. One-one, your body can become damaged even made.

Here are some of the side effects of slimming drugs is often the case, ranging from the mild to severe, as reported Onlymyhealth, Wednesday (03/04/2013):

1. Digestive Problems

The most common side effects of the drugs are slimming stomach complaints. There is a fat blocker that is present in slimming drugs and can cause indigestion, excessive gas, and even diarrhea.

Most of the elements also reduces the body’s ability to absorb vitamins. Vitamin deficiency in the body is a common side effect of slimming drugs. Hence, people who consume a slimming drug need to take an additional multivitamin.

2. Suppression hunger

There are many horror stories are enough to show how the slimming drug can kill. Slimming drugs usually contain a substance called sibutramine, which triggers the sympathetic nervous system. It suppress your hunger but also can increase a person’s normal heartbeat that can lead to attacks if not controlled.

Delirium (disturbance of consciousness), hyperactivity, increased blood pressure, hot flushes and insomnia is a side effect of the additional suppression of hunger by slimming drug. In fact, several people reportedly suffered a blood clot that occurs due to increased blood pressure.

3. The body is not comfortable

Despite the fact that slimming drugs can expose you to the danger of a heart attack, these pills can also cause discomfort in the body.

People who take these pills usually have no control over bowel movements (BAB). Increased flatulence and oily stools are also a few extra inconvenience to the people who consume a slimming drug. Other effects, such as headaches, abdominal pain, dry mouth and throat, addiction and constipation.