Addition of body ions is a replacement drink of body fluids lost due to dailyActivities including after completion of exercise.To be able to consume ion-enhancer drinks the body does not have to be purchased from various shops and pharmacies,but can be made yourself by utilizingNatural ingredients around us.

Types of Body Ions

Basically in the body there are several ions that are instrumental in improving the quality of one’s health. If the ion ions are lost then theBody will lose balance.What are the ionic ions of the body?


Calcium (Ca2) is the most abundant metal ion in human bodyTissues including sodium and oxygen. 90% of the calcium is in the body spread in cartilage,hardBones, joints, teeth and nails.


The performance of sodium in the body is controlled and regulated by the hemeostosisMechanism that stabilizes water content,acids and bases in the extracellular fluid of pancreatic tissue, sweat through the pore pores and bile tissue.


Magnesium is a type of naturalMineral that is very useful to increase stamina and restore the ion that has been lost due to exercise or heavy activity that requires a lot of energy.Magnesium can act as strong as salt or control the condition of salt in the body that has the liquid composition of electrolyte in accordance with the composition of fluids present in the body.


Potassium can be called as + ion contained in natural salt solution that is beneficial for the smooth growth and health of body cell cells,regulate the condition of biochemicalReactions in the body so that the body is not easy to suffer dehydration and decreased stamina.


Characteristics of Someone Has Lost Body Ion

#Body easy to feel tired, tired and sore sore

#Drowsiness, decreased concentration

#Suffered from headaches and tend to get confused

#Body limp, Limbung, Movement slows down

#The mouth is bitter and bitter and gives out unpleasant ashes when speaking

#The face looked lethargic and dull

#A decrease in consciousness and become often forgotten

#Abdomen and pit of the stomach pain, Nausea and nausea desire to vomit

#Unable to constrain emotions well


Drink Enhancement Ion Body:

  1. Green coconut water

CoconutWater, especially green coconut can neutralize toxins in the body, Increase the body’s metabolism and protect body tissue from damage caused by fatigue.Its natural freshness can be a body-increasing ion-boosting drink due to heavy activity.

  1. Orange juice

Orange is a fruit that contains vitamin c which acts as an antioxidant to increase endurance. Diligently consume orange juice can avoidDehydration body causes decreased body stamina. Oranges are believed to be medically as body-boosting drinks that can be consumed daily by all ages.

  1. Aloe vera juice

Benefits Aloe vera for kulitsudah famous since the first but please note that aloe vera mucus can be used as a healthy juice,Aloe vera is one of the body’s ion-enhancing drink that can activate new body ions for people who love sports that require extra energy such as marathonRunning, Football etc. In addition to increase the energy of aloe vera juice mamapu cure infections that occur in the body so as to increase endurance.

  1. Passion fruit juice and honey

Passion fruit is combined with honey can be used as a drink of body ion enhancers are fresh and delicious. Passion fruit contains carotene, Citric Acid, Protein, Niacin, Iron, Calcium,Phosphorus, including compound berta, Zeta, Alpha, B-cryptoxanthin and lucopen which can prevent body loss of ion and protectBody tissue become stronger. While the presence of Honey will balance it to boost immunity.

  1. Apple juice, celery and celery leaves

Apple juice added with celery leaf and lemon juice can be used as a body-enhancing drink that can be enjoyed all ages since healthy drinks are able to replace body fluids that have been lost due to fatigue.The juice is refreshing blood circulation,Protecting the body tissue from drought.

  1. Red bean juice and honey

Red beans contain protein, complete amino acids, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, vitamins A, B1 and C which can increase energy,Prevent body dehydration, Increase metabolism,While honey supports the benefits of red beans to be more perfect ie the body power Resistant to bacteria, fungi and viruses from free radicals and from others.

Hopefully this article useful for you and your family.