Are you looking for dual-diagnosis treatment program information? If the answer is yes, you have read the right article now. Lately, you can find many recovery centers said that they provides dual-diagnosis services, but the fact is not true. Many of them just give chemical dependency treatment and seeing mental health issues as collateral, which is not what patients need at all. What is dual-diagnosis service actually? This service is treatment for people who suffer from co-occurring disorders like mental illness and substance abuse. Some researches have highly indicated that to makes patients cure fully, they need treatment for both problems.

Focuses only on one disorder will not the good solution. A recovery center that offers dual diagnosis services provides integrates assistance for each condition. It can help people recover from both in one setting, at the same time. there are different types of assistances and treatments programs that also able to help plus work beyond standard therapy such as family counseling, relationship management, money management, housing assistance and more. If you are looking for right dual-diagnosis treatment program, you can trust Morningside Recovery Center. This recovery center offer customizable co-occurring disorders program that result in an individualized, personal approach to the treatment of clients with a dual diagnosis.

Clients who come will receive complete psychological and psychiatric assessment that includes an –in-depth health review and personal history taking. For your information, there are some surprising facts about clients such as roughly 50% of individuals with severe mental disorders are affected by substance abuse. 37% of alcohol abusers and 53% of drug abusers also have at least one serious mental illness. If you are looking for best dual-diagnosis treatment program for your loved ones, this is the best choice you have. For further details about the treatment you can visit the official website.