WineWine or grape fermentation can be a friend to keep your health and beauty. The key is to consume it within your means and do not exceed the limit one’s drinking. Benefits for health and beauty have been used by many people in various parts of the world.Origin of Wine

Wine was commonly used in France as a drink to keep a woman’s beauty and to health. Initially these drinks usually drunk by the court in France since the 18th century.

The fruit is commonly used as wine grapes. But it could also use other fruit such as plum or blackcurrant. Experienced by the fermentation process to make these drinks contain alcohol and are commonly used in the party.

Wine Making Process

Wine-making process begins with a squeezed fruit juice. The results of this juice is then stored in wooden casks or metal together with the yeast for a few weeks. Microorganisms present in the juice of sugar consumed in fruit juice and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. Since only placed in the barrel, carbon dioxide gas released into the air eventually. This fermentation results that eventually become wine.

Wine that has become can be further processed into sparkling wine, the wine containing the soda so that it looks small droplets sparkling in these drinks. Sparkling wine can be shaped red wine, white wine or rose wine. Sparkling wine has fermented 2 times.

Wine that has become a kind of wine or liqueur added to the wine and then put in bottles closed with a stopper. Bottles stored in the basement with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius and stacked horizontally for several months. Wine began to ferment.Microorganisms produce more carbon dioxide. Only, this time carbon dioxide is released into the air as it is covered cork. so the creation of a sparkling wine that has a lot of soda.

Wine Types

Wine has been known for some species. Among them:

# Red Wine

Red wine made from red grapes and their skins.
# White Wine
White wine made from grapes without skin.
# Rose Wine
Just like red wine, rose wine made from red grapes and their skins. But this wine has the color extraction process shorter so that the color produced is not strong like red wine but only the pink and is considered similar to roses.Wine Types

Wine has some benefits for the body, including:

*Maintain a healthy heart
The content of phenols or flavonoids found in wine is a very powerful antioxidant and is useful to relax the blood vessels thereby reducing the heart to work too hard. In addition, this powerful antioxidant to protect the heart from damaging free radical attacks.

Excess found in red wine, the phenols or flavonoids in wine there is in a simple form that is more readily absorbed than that found in fresh fruit. Alcohol content in wine will keep the flavonoids are more stable and more useful.

* Lowering cholesterol
For those of you who have high cholesterol levels, sipping wine can be beneficial due to flavonoids found in wine to prevent oxidation of LDL. White wine is a wine that is recommended for lowering cholesterol because it can reduce LDL in the blood.
    *Prevent cancer
In the wine contained pterostilbene content that is useful to prevent cancer.
Build bone
Alcohol in wine can increase the activity of bone-building cells so beneficial to bone.
  *Reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer is a disease that attacks the brain can be reduced with red wine. The brain can function better as wine will increase blood flow to the brain as much as 30%.
 *Overcoming insomnia
The hormone melatonin, which usually makes you sleepy on wine would help someone who is having trouble sleeping. This hormone also is soothing that will make sleep more soundly.
*Benefits to the skin
The skin may become brighter and flushed with the content of antioxidants in the form of an easily decomposed body. Content of antioxidants in wine are also more powerful than vitamin E which helps make the skin more beautiful.To benefit, remember to not over-consume. The recommended portion is a glass of wine a day. In order not to get bored, you can try recipes that use wine to produce a unique flavor and obtain benefits for the body.