Muscle Testosterone

Muscle Testosterone

Everyone will know that testosterone is one of the most important hormone for men. A variety of benefits was no doubt about it. Including promoting muscle growth, reduce abdominal fat and most importantly help your performance in bed!

However, it benefits not just stop there. Here are four other benefits of the hormone testosterone, as quoted from menshealth, Friday (06/07/2012).

1. Attract Women
A recent study from Wayne State University put forward the results of experiments on two groups of men who competed for the attention of an attractive woman.

The result, researchers found that men are the highest testosterone levels in this study tend to be more assertive or assertive, more able to control the conversation with a woman and more successful in attracting the attention of women and address them.

2. Live Longer
Various studies show that lower testosterone levels may be putting you at greater risk of death.

Not only that, low testosterone levels are also frequently associated with metabolic syndrome or set of factors that may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

In contrast, many other studies that reveal that men are normal testosterone levels have a tendency to less heart disease than men low testosterone levels.

3. Sharp-minded
Dutch researchers who studied 400 men aged between 40-80 years found a correlation that high testosterone levels cause men aged 70-80 years still have an optimal cognitive function.

4. Enhance Happiness
Australian researchers have done cross-sectional study to compare the levels of free testosterone with physical and psychological health information of 4,000 men.

From there, researchers found that older men and lower free testosterone levels (below 6 ng / dl) risk of depression are three times more likely than men to higher levels of free testosterone (10 ng / dl and above).