If at any time you are near the person who suffered an alcohol, do not panic, please read a little review about the first aid alcohol overdose following:

Ethanol is toxic active ingredients contained in all alcoholic beverages. Ethanol can weaken and suppress activity of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) that functions to control psychomotor skills such as coordination and reaction gestures.

Another reaction is disturbing activity such as speaking limbs, reduced hearing and eye movements. Alcohol can also “reduce the level of awareness and self-control behavior”.

Consuming alcohol will lead to a false sense of excitement. Alcohol can act like a stimulant or stimulant body, but in fact alcohol is the cause of depression (depressant).

By Stanley M. Zildo as quoted from his book ‘First Aid, First Aid and How to Correct Handling of Emergency’, alcohol overdose symptoms such as decreased coordination, slurred speech, abnormal breathing, tend not aware, there is the possibility of red eyes and coma.

If you encounter any of these symptoms, immediately do the following:

1. If the victim was asleep with a pulse and breathing normally, wake with the body’s way of shaking or call. For such cases, the victim did not require emergency treatment.

2. Place the victim in a safe place so as not to injure themselves while continuing to monitor the situation.

3. If the victim is unconscious or can not be awakened and breathing looks abnormal or victim in a coma, keep breathing, keep track smoothly.

4. Immediately take the victim to the hospital.

Hopefully the information above is useful to you.