taking medication

taking medication

Recent research states that most people take prescription drugs without reading the warning label in the packaging of drugs. Errors in medication should be avoided to make treatment more effective and safer.

Here are three of the most common medication errors made when a person takes drugs, as reported by the prevention, Wednesday (11/07/2012) :

1. Dose that is too much

The most frequent mistake is taking too much medication dosages. This does not make you heal faster but it will cause other severe health problems. Even the use of medications such as Tylenol can cause organ damage.

2. Drink alcohol after taking medication

Drinking alcoholic beverages shortly after taking the drug is very dangerous because it can be mixed in the digestive system. Even certain antibiotics are mixed with alcohol can cause headaches, nausea and heart beat faster.

3. Skipping doses

If the doctor states to take the medication three times a day, then stick to these rules and do not miss doses. Too little medication dose may reduce the effectiveness of the drug. In addition, if you miss a dose of antibiotics, can make the disease-causing bacteria and viruses are becoming resistant.

Here are some things you need to consider when taking a drug to avoid medication errors :

1. Make a regular schedule each day to take medication, especially if the drug you take more than one type.

2. Learn the words in bold are included in drug labels carefully. It usually contains important information you need.

3. Keep prescription drugs you take. This is useful for you and your doctor to track the consumption of drugs previously used if you have a history of certain diseases.