Do you like grapes? If yes, continue this healthy habit. The researchers revealed that consumption of grapefruit can help defend the body against the risk of heart disease.

Research conducted at the University of Michigan found that the antioxidants in grapes, known as polyphenols, can help the body precludes the possibility of the emergence of the metabolic syndrome.

The metabolic syndrome refers to a condition of the body that can affect heart health, including high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and obesity.

“Our research shows that consumption of wine in the daily diet has an important role to protect the body from metabolic syndrome,” said E. Mitchell Seymour, Ph.D., lead researcher from the University of Michigan, as quoted by Medical Daily, Tuesday (04/30/2013).

“Inflammation and oxidative stress play an important role in the development of heart disease and organ dysfunction in type 2 diabetes. Intake of grapes affect both of these factors,” he continued.

Dr. Seymour and her team add grapes dried on the diet of the animal that is used as an object of research. Dehydrated grapes are given for 90 days in a row gives the results of a substantial decrease in the liver, the risk of inflammation of the digestive organs, and the accumulation of fat tissue.

The results that have been presented at the Experimental Biology conference in Boston this also shows that grapes dried on the object of research given boost antioxidant defenses in the body, when compared with objects that are not given dried grapes. The antioxidant defense helps the immune system that protect the natural work of the heart, kidneys, and liver.