Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that is quite troublesome for some people. Problems hair loss can be experienced by all people, either from types of venereal nor age. But for those of you who are experiencing this problem need not worry, because there are ways to overcome your hair loss.

Noteworthy is that not all the way to overcome hair loss are described, can be appropriate or applicable to everyone. Many factors that you should know that the cause of your hair loss.

Therefore, how to cope with hair loss were also varied, depending on the condition of each person. The factors that cause hair loss are as follows:

1. Bad habits in caring for the hair

Wearing a serrated comb meetings, often heating the hair with a flat iron, hot curling, and hair dryer.    Tying the hair too tight.    Washing your hair too often in a day that makes the hair’s natural oil content is reduced so as to make the hair more brittle.    Rarely wash your hair will make hair tangled and hard to comb. And when your hair is combed in such a condition, then allowing the hair will fall out more easily.

2. Unhealthy condition of the body

Hair loss can also be caused by the condition of the body that are not as healthy as some of the following:    Anemia    Hair loss which caused anemia can occur because the body lack of iron on blood cells red. This substance plays a role in healthy hair follicles.

The solution is the consumption of iron supplements and combine it with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps iron absorption in an easy and effective    Stress    Stress is also a culprit of hair loss. Essentially you have to avoid the pressure and stress either by way of therapy, meditation, yoga, do unpopular things, as well as other things.    Less calories    You’re doing a low calorie diet program to lose weight? So do not be surprised if your hair fall out easily, because this diet makes you dehydrated, cramps, and fatigue.

You are advised to continue to consume enough protein in your diet, because protein is a substance that is good for maintaining healthy hair.    Eating certain drugs    Drugs such as diuretics, Rx pills, and antidepressants have side effects that are easy to hair loss. If you are in a condition that requires taking these drugs, then try to consult with your doctor about getting the best advice given to solve the problem.

3. Genetic Factors

Hair loss can also be due to genetic or hereditary factors.In addition to the factors and solutions described above, there are several ways you can do to prevent and cope with hair loss, namely:    Meet the nutritional needs of your body with nutritious foods especially those containing iron and protein.

As reviewed earlier that the two substances has an important role for healthy hair. You can find a good source of protein in eggs, fish, soy, nuts, yogurt, and so forth.    Apply a conditioner that contains ginseng to keep hair healthy and not easily broken.    When you use a conditioner, comb your hair with a comb-tooth is not meeting / rare.    Be selective in choosing a shampoo.

You could use herbal shampoo or other shampoo shampoo-qualified and proven in dealing with hair loss.    Avoid washing your hair with hot water.    Avoid a hair dryer or towel drying my hair when I want. You just dry your hair with just aerated.    Use a hair tonic or hair fertilizer serum. Hair tonic containing ginseng are very good at stimulating new hair growth.

Avoid drinks that contain caffeine, because these substances are not good for hair growth.    Reduce the use of hair gel, hair oil, hair spray, hair dyes, and cream. Try to use products made from natural ingredients.    Hair masks can also be a nutrient that can restore hair health. Use 2 to 3 times a week.

Last suggestion is, check with your doctor nearby dermatologist to get a better handling.Similarly, a brief article about hair loss and ways of prevention and treatment. May be useful ..