Use or boxer shorts among men is still not too much. For underwear, men are generally still prefer to use compared to boxer briefs. In fact, there are some things associated with favorable fertility users boxer.

Here are 4 reasons why use of the boxer is more advisable than underwear, as reported Boldsky :
1. Temperature

Testes located outside the body because it requires temperatures cooler than normal body temperature, while the temperature while wearing panties will be much warmer than when wearing boxer. The use of boxer felt healthier because it allows the temperature around the testicles becomes cooler.

2. Sperm count

So that the testicles can produce the quality and quantity of sperm that ideal, then the temperature should be lower than normal body temperature. When you wear panties, the temperature around the area will be warmer. This certainly will inhibit sperm production. But if you use a boxer, the area will be colder and sperm production will not decline.

3. Excessive blood flow

When the testis is enclosed in a small space, the surrounding temperature will be warm. In addition, there will be excessive blood flow to the genital area without any specific reason. This is the cause of testis blood vessels dilate. Not only that, velocity and sperm motility is also reduced due to too closed.

4. Infertility

When you wear boxers, scrotal temperature will not rise and will keep it cool so it can still produce sperm. Use of panties, especially if it is too tight, it will inhibit the production and movement of sperm. This will certainly affect the fertility of men.

Health effects of infertility is a major reason why men use a better boxer. Therefore, boxer improve male reproductive health and reduce the risk of decline in sperm count and the risk of infertility.