Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Many ways to lose weight and one of which is diet. Maybe from all of you ever go on a diet such as reducing the frequency of eating, stop eating foods you like and other things that often make yourself miserable could not even sleep due to hunger.

Actually, a healthy diet and lifestyle located on the right habits in consuming something. So, you keep a healthy diet without torturing yourself. How do I?

Enjoying the Food

Enjoy your food and try not to hurry in spending it. This is because people will tend to be fat if you eat fast fast. By enjoying your food and eat slowly, will give plenty of time for the body to provide a satiety signal to the brain, thus indirectly serving the food you eat less.

Avoid eating while watching television or Chat

Try not to eat while watching television or chatting, because without you knowing it, this habit can make you eat more servings.

Combine Healthy Foods in Your Food

Combine your main meals with vegetables rich in fiber. If necessary, reduce the number of servings of rice or a side dish then add the vegetables you like. That way you still feel full and not hungry easily.

Healthy food shelf

Put healthy foods like fruits or vegetables in easily visible places such as around the living room and other locations that you think is easy to reach. If you store it in the refrigerator, place it in a healthy diet also is easy to see as part of the center of the refrigerator.

Drinking water a few minutes before eating

Drink a glass of water a few minutes before eating or snacking. By drinking a glass of water before meals will make you hungry so that the portion of food was reduced also reduced. In addition, water can also dissolve fat in the body.

Food notes

Write down the foods that you eat as detailed as possible so be warned and give you the knowledge that any food that makes your weight go up, or even the opposite. It can also assist you in selecting foods that are high in calories is not in your menu list.