Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Heart attack symptoms differ in women with heart attack symptoms in men. Heart attacks in women are generally not characterized by chest pain, as usual, so you may need to be aware of the symptoms.

Here are the symptoms of a heart attack in women:

1. Extreme fatigue

You will experience extreme fatigue to more than 70 percent of which will occur for days or even weeks before a heart attack. The whole body will feel weak all of a sudden, even you can not lift certain items that are not too heavy in the normal state.

2. Mild pain

Sign of a heart attack, not only the pain and tightness in the chest. Pressure or pain may occur in the sternum, upper back, shoulders, neck, or jaw.

3. Excessive sweating

You may find yourself suddenly excessive sweating for no apparent reason, even if you are not doing any strenuous activity or the weather is not hot. Then the face will be pale from lack of fluids in large quantities suddenly.

4. Nausea or dizziness

Before the heart attack, women will typically experience indigestion or even vomiting. You also may feel dizzy like going to faint.

5. Shortness of breath

Nearly 58 percent of women who have heart attacks earlier report that found it difficult to breathe. Difficulty speaking because of the inability of even catch your breath.

6. Sleep disorders

Nearly half of women find it difficult to sleep at night, or waking at night in the weeks before a heart attack.

7. Anxiety

Women tend to feel nervous before getting a heart attack that are instinctive. You will be hit by anxiety as if nothing bad will happen to you.

Action you should do immediately after a heart attack is to take aspirin as soon as possible. This can help prevent blood clots and damage caused.

Always provide aspirin anywhere if you prove to have a weak heart. In addition rutinlah check the condition of your doctor so the doctor can diagnose a heart condition that you are in a state of good early on.