Have you ever experienced sex that was painful? This is a common problem for some women. Rest assured, there are things that you can do to help eliminate the pain associated with sex so that you and your partner can have a romantic time.

There is a name for the condition that you are experiencing. It is called vaginismus. Other concerns with the condition include using tampons that don’t feel like they fit or physically withdrawing during a gynecological exam. If you experience these symptoms, then you can consult a physician about painful sex help that is related to Botox. When going through the procedure to help deal with the condition, you are put under light anesthesia. There is little pain involved in the procedure. Botox injections are given vaginally in order to help prevent spasms that are involuntary. The vagina is dilated, or stretched, with a dilator that is left in place so that you wake up with pain free penetration.

After the procedure, it could take a few days or a few weeks to get to the point where you can experience full sexual intercourse, but the results are well worth the wait for most people who deal with the condition and the treatment.