Each person will have a different hobby and always feel happy while doing and after doing his hobby. Nowadays, jobs and a solid routine every day is endless. The body will require other activities either by undergoing a hobby that you enjoy doing for relaxation, so the body is able to maintain the balance of life, preventing mental and emotional exhaustion.

Instead of wasting time on a hobby that does not help the mental and physical, you should start investing your time in activities that can improve productivity.

This hobbies will inspire and be able to make your brain smarter:
1. Meditation
Lots of studies showing that meditation has many health benefits for the body and brain. Meditation is able to direct the brain to focus on something, alter the brain that help to regain emotional control, as well as create a mood for the better.

2. Playing a musical instrument
Believe it or not, turned out to play a musical instrument is exercise for the entire brain. A new study suggests that playing a musical instrument is able to activate a lot of nerves in the brain. If children learn to play the instrument, then they will achieve higher scores in reading comprehension and mathematics. This is caused because playing music can increase memory capacity, teaches how to work in a team.

3. Exercising
Exercising is one of the efforts to move the whole body. Not only beneficial for physical and mental health, exercise consistently will make you young, improve sleep quality and provide energy throughout the day. A study found that exercise can reduce the symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity and leads to better cognitive performance. Exercise can be done in various forms such as running, swimming or if you are typical of people who love tranquility, might try yoga and hiking sport that helps you connect with nature.

4. Writing
Hobby of writing will be able to externalize thoughts and feelings into writing. Writing is consistently able to enhance brain work in analyzing and improving communication skills with others.
Enjoy free time and find a hobby that will significantly add to the value of life, to make you better and happier.

5. Reading
The book is an excellent way to learn something more. For those of you who have a hobby of reading, the book is not only for pleasure but also the media to acquire knowledge, broaden thinking, increase vocabulary, public speaking, and sharpen the brain to think critically.
If done consistently, reading will stimulate the brain and is able to prevent neuro degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Begin replacing one hour of your activities by taking the time to read so that they can train the brain smarter.