Drug abuse can damage your health, relationships and mental well being. Most drugs will damage the majority of your organs and inhibit your brain’s function. Learning how to know when to seek help with drug abuse can help dramatically increase the quality of your life. Knowing when to seek help relies on an honest and objective evaluation of yourself and your relationship to drugs. While each drug is unique and has different effects on your mind and body, the symptoms of drug abuse are common across most substances. If you are already aware of a drug abuse issue, seek help as soon as possible. A local inpatient rehab facility is an ideal method to end abuse and addiction. If you live in Dallas or Houston, Click here for info on Drug Rehabs in Houston.

Evaluate Your Life

Attempt to view your life from another person’s perspective. This objective new viewpoint will allow you to honestly analyze your life without your own internal justifications. As you shift into this perspective, examine if you exhibit any signs of drug abuse or addiction. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), there are several signs that are common among drug addicts and abusers. Ask the following questions about your life to see if you need to seek help:

  • Physical Appearance –
    • When you look in the mirror, are your eyes bloodshot to any degree?
    • Are your pupils abnormally sized?
    • Has your weight noticeably changed without a significant change in eating habits?
    • Are you grooming yourself regularly and maintaining proper hygiene?
    • Have you received any comments from friends or family about bad breath or body odor?
    • Do you have regular physical tremors?
  • Abnormal Behavior –
    • Are you regularly calling in sick to work, or skipping school?
    • Is your money primarily going towards purchasing drugs or alcohol?
    • Do you often make excuses to friends or family about how you spend your time?
    • Do you avoid making plans that do not involve using your drug of choice?
    • Have you lost friends who do not share your addiction?
    • Are you consistently getting in trouble with parents, legal authorities or bosses?
  • Psychological Signs –
    • Do you notice that your mood changes more than it used to?
    • Do you have sudden outbursts of anger?
    • Are you unusually hyperactive and giddy?
    • Do you wish to end your use, but find yourself unable to do so?
    • Have you lost motivation to pursue hobbies and interests you once enjoyed?
    • Do you feel paranoid or fearful for no reason?

Answering yes to the majority of these questions is indicative of a drug abuse problem. Extended drug use can affect your physical appearance, psychological status and social behavior.

Seek Help With Drug Abuse

After you have identify that you have an issue with drug abuse, it’s time to seek help. A common myth about drug abuse is that it simply takes will power. However, abuse and addiction are complicated issues that usually require professional help. Seek help as soon as you notice a problem to avoid further issues.