Never underestimate the effects of fatigue while driving, especially when driving long distances and in the long term. Doctors confirmed that fatigue also have symptoms that gradually where the final stage of the rider should immediately step aside and rest, without compromise.

“The signs of sleepiness is often overlooked by people, but can be dangerous if ignored. Drowsiness is the body tells that she needed to sleep. If not satisfied will affect the activity and movement,” said Dr. Andreas Prasadja, RPSGT, is familiarly called Dr. Ade, sleep health experts from RS Mitra Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The following stages of the symptoms of fatigue and drowsy motorists to watch out for:

1. Yawn

“The first sign is usually evaporates, this is a very common sign of drowsiness. If you are sleepy, then it indicates that the person was getting tired and sleepy,” explained Dr. Ade.

It is not certain why people yawn, but it is often said that the cause is the low amount of oxygen in the lungs. When the body is tired or when the brain needs oxygen to keep working, we’ll evaporate to bind more oxygen in the blood.

2. Tears

This condition appears very often and even people are usually up rubbing his eyes. According to Dr. Ade this means increasing the level of sleepy already.

“Make no mistake, the tears often disturbing view of motorists. This is what makes these two symptoms also should be wary,” said Dr. Ade.

3. Leaned his head

Pay attention to your vehicle rider, if he had started to put her head to the back of the chair, then surely he has reached the third symptom of fatigue and drowsiness. Dr. Ade reveals that at this stage the level of alertness has declined compared to the previous.

4. Daydreaming while driving

“The latest sign that I think are most sleepy even when driving is daydreaming. Yet he still drives his vehicle suddenly like surprised and did not realize that about 10 minutes ago he had passed a certain way,” said Dr. Ade.

According to him, daydreaming while driving indicates that part of his brain had even fallen asleep with exhaustion. There is no other way he could do, these symptoms indicate that he really needed the sleep and the suggested immediately marginalize his vehicle to sleep. Because if it is like that then it is very dangerous to continue driving.
Hopefully this information is useful to you.