In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a process where the egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. This treatment is designed for those whom having fertility and pregnancy problems. IVF procedure is usually conducted when other assisted fertility methods have failed to increase women’s pregnancy opportunity. There are many reasons why IVF is always utilized as the last effort, mostly because the treatment is quite complicated to do and also expensive. Unlike any other medical treatment that relies on the experts and the technology to achieve high success rate, IVF in other hand put the patient’s participation as the main factor that affects the success rate instead.

While the modern technology alone won’t be able to assure you for high rate of success, there are actually many things you can do to improve IVF chances. And some methods have to be conducted long before you begin the treatment. Here are the things you can do to achieve greater success chance:

Fertility Cleanse and Massage

Being realized or not, our daily life has been invaded with various chemicals both in products we consume and pollutants. And long before you begin IVF procedure, you may consider cleansing your inner metabolism from these chemicals, as it may impacts on the IVF success chance of the treatment. In other hand, having regular fertility massage is also known able to increase the opportunity for successful IVF treatment.

Fertility Improvement Foods

For you to know, some foods and supplements are proven able to improve the fertility. And by having these foods or supplements regularly, it would be really a good thing to make sure your body has enough supply of everything to improve the fertility, and also to make sure it’s fully ready for the treatment.

There are actually many other methods you can use to increase IVF success rate. If you visited you will find complete guidance and tutorial on how to prepare yourself for IVF treatment as well as also information to these methods to increase IVF success chance.