A variety of food products or beverages outlets that sell yogurt in the form of ice or commonly called the froyo frozen yogurt or is no longer a rare thing in the malls or shopping centers. With a variety of brand outlets, yogurt has become part of the popular snack. Yogurt is a healthy snack. In addition it is likely to sour taste sensation for the audience. Because of the popularity of yogurt, it does not hurt when we know more about the snacks this acid.

Types of Yogurt

When you wish to buy yogurt, you may be confused to choose the type of yogurt available. In general, based on texture, yogurt, divided into several types, namely:

* Set Yogurt

The texture is very thick yoghurt. Generally, the yogurt is plain yogurt with no added sugar, flavor, or aroma. It is white and was very acidic.

* Stir yogurt

Compared watery texture set, but still feels thick yoghurt similar to ice cream. Stir yogurt has experienced the addition of sweeteners, flavorings or fruit complement. To enjoy it, you need a spoon.

Drink yoghurt 

This form can be directly yogurt drink. Liquid shape as liquid milk.Differences of this type occur because of differences in raw material and manufacturing process.

So it does not mean better than the thick yogurt liquid yogurt. Yogurt Fermentation Process Yogurt from milk which is then added to the bacteria which will form lactic acid.

Bacteria are commonly used in the process of making yogurt is the bacteria Bifidobacterium sp., Lactobacillus sp. or the bacteria Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.These bacteria that will trigger the process of fermentation of milk, changing the lactose in milk into lactic acid.

Another effect of the fermentation process is the rupture of the protein in milk which causes milk to be condensed. The end result will taste sour milk and creamy, this is the basic form of yogurt that has been finished.

How to Make Yogurt

For those of you who like to feel the benefits of yogurt or yogurt, you can also make yourself at home. The basic ingredients required are liquid milk, milk powder, sugar and yogurt that serves as a seed.Enter the liquid milk in a pan, mixed with powdered milk and sugar. Heat on stove over low heat until it reaches a temperature of 75-80 degrees Celsius. Let stand for 15 minutes then remove and allow to stand at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius.

When you want to produce low-fat yogurt, then use low-fat milk in the making.Then insert the yogurt (flavored yogurt, no sugar, no flavor enhancer) or yoghurt or seed sold in the market and stir well. Make sure that the yogurt has reached a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius before putting the bacteria on seeds or starter is not dead. Cover tightly pot to milk run the fermentation process. Let stand for 24 hours.Once formed yogurt, you can add fruits with sugar. Or add the syrup or sugar if yoghurt taste less sweet. Yoghurt storage After the yogurt is formed, the best way is to put storage in the refrigerator. Store in temperature of 4-7 degrees Celsius.Yoghurt should be placed in a sealed container.

Frozen Yogurt (Froyo)Yogurt can also be processed into forms such as ice cream. This form is known as frozen yogurt froyo is often called a flare up outlets in various shopping centers. Savor the froyo with yoghurt in general. Froyo more enjoyable because of the cold and eaten in similar conditions while enjoying ice cream.To generate a form of frozen yogurt, it takes a special machine as the machine needed to make ice cream.

Benefits of Yogurt

Yoghurt is especially beneficial for people with lactose intolerance (lactose intolerance) because in the form of yogurt, milk easier to digest because it has lactose solution.For health, yoghurt useful for:

Increase endurance, so do not get sick    Reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL)    Cure arthritis .Besides yogurt, you can also try kefir is also derived from milk. In addition to frozen yogurt or froyo, now you can also enjoy frozen kefir. Dairy products are also delicious and healthy to drink. Either as yogurt or kefir drink has now become a popular and worth checking out.