Malaria Mosquito

Malaria Mosquito

So far, a drug known to prevent malaria is quinine pills (quinine sulphate). These drugs can be easily obtained in pharmacies or drug stores for OTC label. But rather than prevent, some scientists in Australia claim to have discovered a new breakthrough to fight this disease.

Researchers from the Burnet Institute, Melbourne analyze a number of existing antibodies in children and adults in Kenya that have become resistant or immune to the parasite called Plasmodium cause malaria carried by mosquitoes that.

James Beeson, head of the Centre for Immunology, Burnet Institute and the study’s senior investigator said that his team has found that there is a major protein in the malaria parasite is then called PfEMP1.

“The puzzle is whether the necessary key immune system to fight malaria? We also have found that the malaria parasite proteins may be a key target of the immune system attacks,” said Beeson.

Researchers found that a number of the population of Kenya has developed an immunity or immunity against proteins present in the malaria parasite in its body.

To obtain this conclusion, researchers studied the condition of Kenyan children aged 1-10 years and adults as well as obtain information about how many of those stricken with malaria. Strangely, the more often they suffer from this disease, the more antibodies that they have.

“Repeated infections from time to time it takes to produce an antibody response against those proteins,” said researcher as quoted from cbc, Monday (08/06/2012).

Beeson also added that new studies be conducted to develop a vaccine capable of inducing immune responses against the malaria protein.

The study, involving researchers from the University of Melbourne and the Kenya Medical Research Institute has been published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.


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