Nosebleeds or bloody nose is a condition in which bleeding from the nose. Many people have experienced nosebleeds, especially common in children. For the mother, you do not need to panic to overcome problems in your child’s nosebleed. This is because the nosebleeds can and can not be too difficult to be treated yourself. However, prior to further discussion regarding the prevention and treatment of bleeding, consider some of the following information.

Causes of Nosebleeds

The cause of nosebleeds is quite diverse and some of them are:

Habit pick one’s  nose,    Clash of the nose ,   Dry nasal mucous membranes caused by hot air ,   Nasal congestion and foul smelling,    Allergy,    Cold,    Chemicals that smell like the nose of sulfuric acid or gasoline,    Crooked nose septum ,   Less platelet,    Leukaemia. Some of the above list is a frequent cause nosebleeds. In adults is usually caused nosebleeds occur because of bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, but also due to the nosebleed high blood pressure.

Prevent Nosebleeds

From the explanation of the causes of the bleeding, we can minimize the risk to avoid nosebleeds. Here are some suggestions for preventing nosebleeds:

Avoid insert a finger into the nostril

Avoid blowing your nose loudly

Avoid cigarette smoke or the smell of chemicals such as gasoline

Use a humidifier if the air is too dry

Wet the nose using saline nose drops or sterile NaCl

Avoid collisions in the nose

How to Cope with nosebleeds

If you or your child is prone to nosebleeds, there are several steps that can help you in dealing with nosebleeds. Consider the following tips if you’re having a nosebleed:

Try to keep the nose position higher than the heart, therefore you are advised to sit during a nosebleed.

Breathe through your mouth and bend forward.

Sleep on your back so that the blood to the nose does not become more rapid.

Press the right nostril on nostril for about 5 minutes.

Compress the nose (nasal bone) with the aid of an ice cube in order to slow the blood flow to the nose.

Bring to a hospital emergency room if the condition is severe nosebleeds and thats not resolved.    Consult your doctor if you often have nosebleeds that your problem can be overcome with good.Similarly, information about these nosebleeds, may be useful and can help in overcoming your problem.