Liver cancer cases are rising around the world and reduce the quality of life, can even lead to death. According to a recent study, vitamin E, which are found mainly in nuts may reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Liver is the organ that has a heavy burden of having to perform important functions in the body 300. These functions ranging from cholesterol and glucose metabolism, cleanse harmful chemicals in the body, to overcome the toxins that enter through food.

Researchers from China published his findings in the Journal of National Cancer Institute, which suggests that high consumption of vitamin E either from food or vitamin supplements can reduce the risk of liver cancer. Vitamin E is fat-soluble nutrient that can inhibit cell growth and development of certain cancers due to mutations in the human DNA damage.

As reported naturalnews, Friday (07/20/2012), the study aims to determine the causal relationship between vitamin E intake and liver cancer by analyzing the data of 132 837 people in China. Researchers collected information on the frequency of meals, type of food consumed and whether the participants took vitamin supplements or not.

Researchers analyzed the risk of liver cancer by comparing participants who have a high intake of vitamin E in participants with low vitamin E intake. The result is an adequate intake of vitamin E from foods, especially nuts, and supplements of vitamin E was associated with reduced risk of liver cancer.

Vitamin E consists of eight different isomers of tocotrienol and tocopherol is known as a good liver function. Be sure to supplement vitamin E requirement of 400 to 800 IU per day to get the benefits of reduced risk of liver cancer and other chronic diseases.