The amount of pressure experienced by a person’s life that should make most people get frustrated. Some people in the face of heavy workloads have experienced job stress. Other problems such as natural disasters and the death of someone close can also be depressing and frustrating. Few people are able to avoid the pressures of daily life that can make people frustrated and pessimistic view. However, despite the difficulties and pressures of life, thinking optimistically, especially beneficial to health. What are the benefits? And how to foster an optimistic attitude?


What is the optimism or optimistic attitude? Optimism is an attitude of always having good expectations in every way and a tendency to expect a pleasant outcome. Optimism can also be interpreted to think positive. So optimism is more of a paradigm or way of thinking.

When a failure or the pressures of life, what a feeling of optimism? A positive-minded optimists or think do not think failure is permanent. This does not mean that he is reluctant to accept reality. Instead, he received and check the problem. Then, as far as circumstances allow, it acts to modify or improve the situation.

Contrary to optimistic, pessimistic view would regard the failure of the poor. Generally a pessimist often blame themselves for their misery. He considers that the misfortune is permanent and it happened because it was fate, stupidity, incompetence, or ugliness. As a result, he resigned and did not want to try.

Positive thinking is also a key to success for managing stress. Optimism will make a person faces an unpleasant situation with a positive and productive manner.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

Scientists have made a conclusion on the research for decades about the benefits of positive thinking and optimism on health. Research shows that optimists are healthier and a longer life than other people much less than the pessimists. The researchers also noticed that more optimistic people who can handle stress and less likely to experience depression. Here are some benefits of being optimistic and often positive thinking.

More longevity

More rarely depressed

Lower stress levels

Have immunity to the disease better

Better physically and mentally

Reduce the risk of heart disease

Overcome adversity and deal with stress

Why are these benefits to be gained for people who are optimistic and positive thinking? Because the typically optimistic person would avoid the activities carried out a pessimist in the face of stress and pressures of life. Pessimistic when faced with stress would divert attention with activities such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and eat uncontrollably. Whereas an optimist would do more physical activity, follow a healthy diet and reducing smoking and alcohol.

 How to Be More Optimistic

If you are thinking negatively of others or of serious situations, it does not mean you can not think positively. You can change negative thinking into positive. It is not difficult to do, but it takes time and practice to create a new habit. Here are some ways to be more optimistic and have positive thoughts and attitudes.

Check yourself

When you think that you will not be able to enjoy an adverse event or will not successfully perform a task, be rid of that thought. Focus on the positive things that will be generated.

Make checks repeatedly.

If more negative thoughts, then immediately switch to positive thinking.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Exercising three times a day can turn into a positive mood and reduce stress. A healthy diet also affects the mind and body. And try to manage your stress.

Enjoy the work

Try to enjoy your work. No matter your job, look for aspects that pleases you.

Find friends who positively

Find friends who look at life positively. Such people are an optimist and always support you by giving good advice.

Conversely if you are surrounded by pessimistic people, will increase your stress and even make you hesitant to manage stress in a healthy way.

Face and accept    Face the situation that you can control; then set to accept the situation that you can not control.

Have a sense of humor    Try to smile and laugh, especially when facing very difficult. Look for events that invite laughter in daily activities. A good sense of humor helps a person to have thoughts, emotions, and behavior that is more positive.

Note the good things

Every day, write down three good things that you experience.    Simple rules    Do not say anything to yourself is not something you want to say to other people.It is to be optimistic is not easy. Natural disasters, the burden of life, and also disaster could occur that make many people find it difficult to think positive. But by trying to be optimistic and positive thinking will produce a healthier life and more satisfying. Do not give up!