You love to eat oranges ? , Orange peel skin while not directly throw away. Did you know many nutrients contained in citrus peel. For example, a medium-sized orange , contains more than 60 different flavonoids and phytonutrients 170 . These nutrients make orange peel can be used for treatment purposes , beauty treatments , until the cooking process . This is a variety of benefits of orange peel .

1 . Relieves stomach acid and improve digestion .
During this time you would think that there was a sour taste in grapefruit can increase stomach acid . It turns out that this is incorrect , essential oils contained in orange peel has anti – microbial and anti – inflammatory . For example, d – limonede essential oil has properties relieve stomach acid and maintain the normal movements of the intestine . This oil can also improve liver function .

Orange peel was found to improve the digestive system and overcome some diseases , such as vomiting , heartburn , and excess gas in the stomach . Orange peel is also able to increase appetite and relieve nausea .

2 . lowering cholesterol
the results showed an orange peel can lower cholesterol and triglyceride so good consumed by people with high cholesterol . Flavonoids named Hesperidine also effective against colon cancer and osteoporosis .

3 . Overcoming oily skin
Could interfere with the appearance of oily skin and can cause acne . Use lemon peel to balance oil production in the face and make the skin smooth and soft . Orange peel is also a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and blackheads on the face .

4 . Overcoming insomnia
Take advantage of the essential oils contained in orange peel to treat insomnia . Content can soothe the nerves and help you sleep soundly . The trick , immersion bath with warm water containing a piece of orange peel .

5 . Natural air freshener
Odor in the room must have been very disturbing . You do not need to buy air freshener to address odor . Orange peel can be as air freshener with a refreshing scent . The trick , orange peel boiled in boiling water with cloves or cinnamon .

6 . Adding flavor food
Orange peel can be used to give flavor to the dishes by adding a piece of orange peel on your dishes . In addition , orange peel can also improve appetite and a high content of vitamin.