As a disease that is almost impossible to cure, diabetes is a scourge for many people . Fortunately many natural ingredients that are believed to relieve or control the blood sugar of diabetics . One of the plants that are believed to alleviate diabetes is okra .

Plants are known as Lady ‘s finger is mostly found in India and Malaysia . Plants with names Ablemoschus esculentus has a long shape with a conical tip . In the UK and India , this vegetable is believed to control diabetes .

With natural diabetes treatment like okra , you no longer have to do insulin injections or drinking a lot of drugs . Why okra either consumed by people with diabetes ?

1 . Have a low glycemic index

Patients with diabetes are advised to eat foods that have a glycemic index ( GI ) is low . As a rule supreme , sugar has a GI of 100 . According to medical standards , okra has a relatively low GI which is 20 .

As already known , the blood sugar levels are constantly high can have a bad effect on the kidneys . The health benefits derived from including okra prevent the body from kidney disease . If you have diabetes , eating okra can control sugar levels as well as nourish your kidneys .
2 . Against kidney disease

One thing to watch after diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is a threat of damage to the kidneys . Because high blood sugar levels in people with diabetes can damage the kidneys . Fortunately okra has the benefit of preventing kidney disease at the same time controlling the blood sugar . By eating okra , diabetes gets the added benefit of a healthier kidneys .

3 . Sources of soluble fiber

Soluble fiber is very good for diabetics because it plays an important role in the digestion of carbohydrates . Okra is rich in soluble fiber can slow down the digestive process , thereby reducing the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar increase .

How do I cultivate okra to treat diabetes ? This is a step that must be done to cultivate okra as diabetes drug . The important fact to note , is more potent raw okra lowers blood sugar compared with okra is ripe .

1 . Take two pieces of okra and cut the edges . Sticky white sap that will come out of the ends of the okra . Do not clean it because sap sap that is what serves to control blood sugar .

2 . Enter the okra pieces into a glass of water before bed and then let it marinade . Do not forget to cover the glass of water with a saucer or plate of okra .

3 . The next day , remove the okra pieces of glass and drink the water . This method is believed to reduce blood sugar levels . For better results , this therapy should be done routinely every day .

Hopefully this information is useful to you and your family.