Good news for those of you who like to cook and eat , reportedly cooking with turmeric can help prevent cancer , the good news was delivered by Dr . Sukumar , a cancer expert at Indonesia.

Curcumin , the main content in turmeric could provide healthy benefits and benefits in your everyday life . Dr. Sukumar himself as oncologists , already proven in his kitchen . As a woman , she also cooks for her family in the kitchen . And turmeric have good effect in his family’s health .

” There are a lot of health benefits in the turmeric . Among those who have arthritis often feel arthritis pain and swelling in the knee , turmeric can tolerate the pain , ” said the woman .

In addition , Dr . Sukumar also said that there are already a lot of evidence that turmeric has anti-cancer effects . Colon cancer for example , can be prevented and treated with turmeric .

In turmeric , are content looking bad cells in our DNA and kill him , so that it can prevent cancer and other serious diseases . However , there are several types of turmeric alone that really works to give maximum effect .

Incidentally there are a lot of Indonesian food fit combined with turmeric . Soto , curry chicken and so on . In addition , you can also mix turmeric into your favorite juice to get a good benefit . Please try , and feel the benefits