From time to time, many people gain dangerous diseases and cancer because of they can not stop their smoking habit. Knowing why you want to quit is an important step in the process o quitting. Thinking about the reasons to quit is a brilliant way to motivate you. Smokers usually live in denial about what cigarettes are doing to them. Although there is no comfort in smoking, people who are smoking pretend that smoking is great pleasure. All people know that smoking causes cancer and many other diseases. Smoking can kills and over 5 millions people are dying on the earth every year from tobacco use.

But why smokers still can not stop smoking? In this time you can find many people smoke, from young women, women, young men, men, parents, and elderly.  Some of them want to quit but they just can not stop smoking. Well, we all know that quitting is not easy, but when you see the drastic improvements to your life and health, you will want to get your action plan going as quickly as you can. Every people who are smoking know that the damage that smoking causes to body is horrible and your secondhand smoke can also cause problems for everybody else too. Smoking is unattractive and costs you loads of money.

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