sea worm

sea worm

Undoubtedly blood is one substance that is needed by humans , so their presence is considered very important . Remarkably , scientists from Romania revealed that they have created artificial blood that proved not cause side effects in mice .

The artificial blood is made of water , salts , and proteins known as hemerythrin . Hemerythrin itself is a protein extracted from marine worms . Researchers from the University of Babes – Bolyai ‘s hope their findings could help the lack of blood supply and prevent infections that can occur from the donor .

One of the researchers , Dr. Silaghi – Radu Dumitrescu , expressed a desire to develop these findings into ‘ instant blood ‘ . Called instant because of the mixture of salt and hemerythrin can later be turned into artificial blood when added to water , as reported by the Daily Mail.

Previous attempts to create artificial blood always fail because the components can not withstand the pressure of the liquid chemical and mechanical granted . But according to Dr Radu , unlike hemoglobin , hemerythrin remain stable when exposed to chemical and mechanical pressure .

The artificial blood has been tested on mice in the laboratory and showed no adverse side effects . That way , the artificial blood should also be used to replace the original on human blood and blood perform functions , such as transporting oxygen to the cells for a few hours or more . During this time lag , the body can reproduce the original blood loss, such as when a person is undergoing post- surgery or serious injury .

The hope about one or two years into the future , the researchers can conduct clinical trials involving human volunteers . So it can be determined whether these artificial blood can be safely transfused into humans to the next , as quoted from Softpedia .
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