If the Tumblr associates only to funny memes and gifts to you, it’s time to break the myth and  find out that it is a great reservoir of music feeds and quirky remixes.  Lots of feeds dedicated to the music was created by Tumblr users. It is not paid, no drm protected, so you don’t need to Convert from wma to mp3. You can find some interesting and outstanding tracks, which may become popular because of you sharing it.

When you are looking for something totally fresh, staying apart from labels and popular artists, you should explore Soundcloud. Soundcloud is the place where performers upload their experimental music. You can follow artists that was not picked up by a big label. You can find new friends, who likes the same music style and follow the songs they like. You can keep an eye on a young performers and enjoy their music. Just think about how many young composers are working on their songs right now, or how many DJ try to make a new remix for a popular song, but they don’t have a contract with a big label, so their name is remaining unknown. Service like Soundcloud suggest an opportunity of being noticed by a music community for composers. On the other hand it suggest you the latest and the most fresh music tracks in the web.

So, if you need more interesting music you can look for creative services, which provide it. The best part is that most of them accept tracks from their participants, so it is an bottomless place to get new music, remixes. Also, if you like someones style, you can suggest to create a band, or if you are already looking for somebody you can find new musician online, already with pieces of works to listen.