I can read your mind

I can read your mind

It’s nice if you can read the minds of others. Of course we do not need to bother to explain with words and misunderstandings can be avoided, but if it be done by the ‘normal’? Apparently the answer is they can.

According to a study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, a meditation called cognitive-based compassion training (CBCT) can be used to read the minds of others. But obviously the results are not as extreme as in the television paranormal abilities.

“Unlike regular meditation focusing on breathing and consciousness, CBCT should ponder certain things like affection for others. This is done to refocus the attitude towards the people we interact with every day,” said the researcher, Jennifer S . Mascaro of Emory University, as quoted by Fox News, Tuesday (11/06/2012).

To see how CBCT can affect the ability to read other people’s minds, Mascaro and his colleagues split a small group of study participants into two groups: One group was asked to attend training courses CBCT for 8 weeks, while another group was asked to attend weekly discussion.

All participants then underwent MRI brain scans before and after undergoing the program. During the scan, they were shown several photos human eye and asked to read his emotions. As a result, more CBCT course participants can read emotions accurately. MRI scans also showed increased activity in two areas of the brain associated with empathy.

To try CBCT practice, explain how the following Mascaro.

1. First, calm your mind
Begin to regulate breathing, and notice how you feel and what you think. Realize that thoughts and emotions change with time, reflecting the views of a person is not fixed and has the ability to change.

2. Second, increase awareness
Thoughts 3 people, which is a close friend, someone you do not know well and people were having the same problem with you. Imagine three men standing in front of you and notice what you feel for each person.

Try to connect with them on a deeper level by trying to recognize that all three are also just like you, that want happiness, are also vulnerable to stress and suffering. Take a moment to understand this recognition.

3. Finally, grow compassion
After recognizing similarities in others, reinforce the positive feelings toward them. Look that everything you depend for survival, such as food and shelter, depends on the efforts and kindness of others.

By shifting perspective like this, you can increase the sense of a deeper appreciation for others, thereby strengthening compassion and empathy for others.