Source of happiness each person is certainly different from one another. But recently a study from New Zealand revealed that the number one source of happiness for mankind is sex or making love.

More than that a team of researchers from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand found that sex not only makes people feel ultimate pleasure but also makes them feel happiest and most meaningful, even sex is considered as the best activity for them when compared to other daily activities.

To obtain this conclusion, researchers surveyed a number of respondents three times a day ( random) in the week via SMS. Respondents were asked what they did when researchers send SMS surveys and how they felt related to that activity.

Researchers used four criteria to assess activities responders: how many activities that please them, how far their involvement in the activity, how much happiness a given activity on them and how meaningful activity for respondents.

From the survey, there were 30 different types of activities commonly performed respondents. But even fuck successfully topped the list of activities, respondents showed an interesting variation to be studied.

For example, drinking Leisure second highest after sex but if seen from how much it means (meaning), the activity was only occupy position 10.

Another with sick because it makes people feel the greatest unhappiness, including at least gives pleasure to them, but in fact it is more common among respondents than washing clothes or dress.

As quoted from CBSNews, Thursday (11/22/2012), Facebook occupies the lowest position in the list of events by the magnitude of meaning (meaning) given to the respondents but was in the 24th position in terms of pleasure.

Instead respondents admitted to getting more pleasure out of religious activities than taking care of the child.

In addition, although many people complain about the work, in fact, respondents preferred to be paid for work rather than having to spend time in school to learn.

Respondents also feel happier and more satisfied if the day’s work rather than having to learn.

Even so, most of the respondents admitted their studies twice as important or meaningful than work.