Paracetamol is a type of drug that is often used to reduce feverHeat in general. This drug is quite famous because it is almost all people regardless of age can consume them.

If usually pregnantWomen are advised not to take drugs indiscriminately, then for Paracetamol is actually legitimate if used by pregnant or lactating mothers.These drugs can even be obtained and consumed without a prescription.To get it is very easy in pharmacies or drugstores nearby, then you can get it at any time when require.

Paracetamol is a type of painkiller and in addition to being a hot drug fever,many people use this medicine to relieve headaches, toothache,to pain in muscles and joints. However, is this drug safe and what are the side effects of Paracetamol when the use can be without a prescription?

Drugs with other names acetaminophen is still included in the category of analgesicDrugs as well as antipyretics.The way this paracetamol works is as an inhibitor for weak prostaglandins. In essence, the production of prostaglandins will be inhibited by paracetamol and become chemicals that play a role in the process of sending messages of pain / pain to the organs of the brain.

The pain will disappear with the ability of paracetamol by reducing the production of prostaglandins, such as pain or pain in any limb, includingHeadaches. Parcetamol will work well to reduce the fever heat, ranging from child fever heat to that experienced by adults.

There are many products for Paracetamol that you can get easily because it is sold freely and can be purchasedWithout a prescription. But even though it seems safe, easy and affordable, you still need to recognize all possible sideEffects that can occur in the body. Here will be described a little about the possible effects on the body.

1.Rash on the Skin

Rashes that occur and appear on the surface of the skin in general is caused by skin disorders. However, if the rash appears after the consumption of paracetamol,then most likely the rash is as an effect or a result of allergic reactions to paracetamolDrugs.

Although the sideEffects of paracetamol are quite rare, it does not mean there is no possibility for it to occur. If the rash begins to appear after the ingestion of this drug, you can immediately go to the doctor and stop using it until the rash disappears. Re-consult with your doctor about this complaint so that doctors can provide a way out for those who still needParacetamol.


Swelling of the skin can also occur and usually this is due to health problems on the skin.Similar to the condition of the previously described rash,Swelling of the skin may be an allergic reaction after taking paracetamol.KKnow your body condition if it does have a history of drug allergy.

If after several times of continuing the consumption of this Pparacetamol drug and the more swelling it becomes, you need to see a doctor immediately to ascertain whether it is an allergic reaction from paracetamol. Bbetter conditions are immediately addressed and consult also about alternative solutions from paracetamol if indeed you are less suitable to use it.


Because paracetamol is a drug that can be obtained easily, sold freely and can be purchased without having to prescribe a doctor,there are some people who use without knowing the right dose. Excessive consumption of paracetamol drugs can cause Ddisruption of the digestive tract and eventually cause diarrhea.

Perhaps the intention of the heart so that the pain quickly heal by increasing the dose of the drug that should,but it actually even harm yourself later. In order to avoid diarrhea, you should consult with your doctor only in the use of paracetamol. If diarrhea persists during the course of paracetamol, it is best to discontinue use and ask your Ddoctor about this complaint.

4.Sweating More

When paracetamol is not consumed on the prescription of a doctor, there is always a chance that the dosage should be used more than it should. If there is an overdose, especially many times, there are times when some cases will experienceExcessive sweating or can also be referred to as hyperhidrosis.

If you are sweating more but not because of the super-hot weather factor or because after a solid workout / activity, you need to check yourself out. Try to consult a doctor and ask for certainty of excessiveSsweating as one of the effects of paracetamol or not. In the meantime, stop the use of the drug to see if the production of sweat decreases thereafter.

5.Decreased Appetite

Beware of paracetamol overdose if you choose to consume it without a prescription. Ask correctly the seller of Pparacetamol will be the correct dose because one of the effects of the use of paracetamol is quite dangerous is the ddecrease of appetite.

Overdose use is quite often can lead to no appetite and this will also affect your weight too much later. So you should buy before, it could not hurt to consult with your doctor so that no one dose. Even with a doctor’s prescription, you should not increase the dose just because you want to double the reduction of pain / pain in the body.

There are many other side effects that information you can get from asking a doctor or from other sources, I hope this article useful for you.