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watch tv

Sitting for long periods of time could increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and death as revealed in a scientific study.

Scientists at the University of Leicester and Loughborough University, UK, said the risk remained high even keep pace with the sport.

The report, published in the medical journal Diabetologia, analyzed 18 studies involving nearly 800,000 people.

According to studies conducted, opportunities for sedentary behavior or sit without doing a physical activity-such as watching TV, sitting in the car, or use a computer is a difficult thing to avoid at this time.

Indeed many people who then work in physical fitness centers to compensate.

The research team lead Dr Emma Wilmot from the University of Leicester said the exercise at the fitness center and swimming pool after work was better than sitting back on the couch. However, he added, still sitting in a long time is bad for human health.

There is no limit firm

Institutions activists diabetes, Diabetes UK, insists every person sitting in a long time obviously would benefit if more moves.

However the researchers could not definitively give a firm time limit on how long a bad seat behavior for humans.

Studies reviewed used a variety of measures, among others, began to sit for about 14 hours a week watching TV, sitting less than three hours a day, or sit for more than eight hours a day.

What is clear, those who sit for longer have higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, and death compared with those who sit less.

A researcher from the University of Loughborough, Professor Stuart Biddle, said that although a lot of activity in modern times seems to be done in a sitting position, can clearly be reduced.

“We could have meetings while standing, walking when a lunch break, or reduce watching TV at night to reduce the duration of sitting,” he said.

However he said, going to the gym is still better than sitting watching TV immediately after the office.