Smoker Active & Passive

Smoker Active & Passive

Passive smokers is more dangerous than you think. Research shows that people are breathing air that has been exposed to Passive smokers is more dangerous than exposure to air pollution which is unusual.

The researchers found that passive smokers or people exposed to secondhand smoke 16 times more dangerous than normal exposure to air pollution. This is because cigarette smoke can increase the amount of fine particles in the air is dangerous many many times.

Studies conducted over 5 weeks to install air monitors are used to measure air quality on a street in front of the shopping center. There are about 284 people who smoke along the road.

Researchers found that every time a smoker who breathe secondhand smoke, about 70 percent of fine particles spewed into the air than when no smokers are passing the road.

As reported health.india, Saturday (14/07/2012), the particles are very fine and simply measuring less than 2.5 millimeters. The particles also affect the surrounding air to a radius of 2.6 meters from the source.

So when you’re standing next to someone who was smoking a cigarette, you inhale a threatened 16 times more dangerous than when you breathe polluted air or other pollution.

Therefore, it is important to comply with the ban on smoking in public places because it can harm other people are exposed to secondhand smoke.