Smoking Dangerous

Smoking Dangerous

Dangers of smoking to health was not in doubt. The doctors of the world as it was also agreed that smoking is bad for health. Many diseases that can result from smoking activity. The smoker was not aware of the dangers which threaten their health, but as the strong dependence on cigarettes, making them difficult to quit smoking. Appropriate discussion this time, will be presented in a variety of dangers of smoking to health, so you really know that the government’s warnings about the dangers of smoking in each pack of cigarettes is not kidding. Quoted from, here are some of the dangers of smoking that you should know:

1. Cancer

Cancer is a malignant disease that until now there has been no definitive drug that can combat it. One cause of cancer is smoking. Smoking can cause lung cancer, and has about 90% of deaths in men are due to lung cancer, while about 80% in women. The risk of dying from lung cancer is 23 times higher for male smokers, while for women smokers are 13 times when compared with nonsmokers. However this is also true for passive smoking, as though they were not smokers but lived with a smoker, they will also have a 24% risk of lung cancer.    According to research, cancer can also cause cancer of the mouth, vocal cords, stomach, kidney, pharynx, esopagus, pancreas, cervix, bladder and cancer.

2. Heart

Coronary heart disease is one cause of death in Indonesia. And as for your information, current smokers had odds of 2 to 4 times higher risk of coronary heart disease.    Smoking gives a chance 2 times greater in smokers for stroke    Smoking can cause narrowing of the arteries that reduces blood circulation. As a result, smokers will have a chance 10 times higher risk of vascular disease as well as impotence / erectile.    Smoking can cause local dilation of blood vessels in the abdominal aorta or also known as abdominal aortic anurisma. This disease has a high mortality risk for smokers, especially when blood vessels burst.

3. Fetal disorders

For this it also has warned the government on every pack of cigarettes. This is because the dangers of smoking are very high for women, especially pregnant women. The danger is sterility, fetal death, miscarriage, low birth weight babies, until the sudden death syndrome infants.

4. Respiratory

Smoking is very closely related to respiratory disorders. These activities have on the perpetrators to the risk of chronic lung disease up to 10 times greater. According to statistics, 90% of deaths from the disease caused by smoking.Those are some reviews about the dangers of smoking. Hopefully this article can give you a warning for smokers, especially heavy in order to leave ‘routine’ for the sake of maintaining your own health.