Taking medicine is to cure the symptoms of seizures experienced by a child with epilepsy when relapse . But it is said only 70-80 percent of patients who could actually cured by taking medicine . As with the opinion of a team of doctors from the U.S. , According to them , children of epileptic patients can be cured if removed and part of his brain removed from the skull .

In a relatively rare operation called a hemispherectomy and this , a team of surgeons will appoint half of the brain or cut the connection between one side of the brain to the other side of the brain . Investigators said the child epilepsy patients who receive this procedure will never again feel the cramps in his life, Amazing is not it ?

It has been proved researcher Dr . Ajay Gupta , who is also chief of the division of child epilepsy Cleveland Clinic , Cleveland , Ohio , and his colleagues looked at medical records from 115 patients with epilepsy aged 2-28 years . Most of the participants were children who had suffered from epilepsy before the age of less than three years .

Before the operation , three – quarters of participants reported having seizures almost every day , while another 18 percent relapse only once a week . And all participants are patients of the clinic where Dr . Gupta worked .

Then Dr . Gupta observed that results of 186 operations performed in the clinic between the years 1997-2009 , with a special focus on the 155 patients who had undergone hemispherectomy , as a continuation of the first study .

Post- surgery , researchers reported 56 percent of the participants were completely free of seizures , 36 percent of participants are still frequent seizures while the other participants showed a 15 percent reduction in seizure frequency by more than 90 percent .

” The brain has a remarkable capacity to function despite the missing piece , ” said Dr . Gupta .

But researchers warn only certain epilepsy patients eligible to undergo a hemispherectomy . Cleveland Clinic alone , Dr . Gupta admitted he and his colleagues conducted 15 hemispherectomy procedure every year, especially if the anti – epileptic drugs are consumed patients stop working .

Psien one who handled Dr . Gupta and engaged in the study does is Aiden Gallagher . Three- year-old boy Attica , Ohio was admitted to seizures up to 12 times a day before undergoing hemispherectomy . Though Aiden has been diagnosed with epilepsy since she was only 10 months .

The problem , according to his father , Pete , convulsions it causes her beloved son was no longer remember the alphabet and forgot how to count. Especially when Aiden reaches three years of age , the usual drugs he was no longer effective consumption and more frequent seizure recurrence . This prompted Pete to choose surgery as the only solution .

It turns out the decision was not wrong . Postoperative ‘force ‘ the right side of his brain missing Aiden , Aiden had never even seizures again . Aiden is now a healthy child and loves to play baseball and basketball .

” I do not even suspect that recovery will be as good , ” Pete said as reported by the Daily Mail , Friday ( 08/30/2013 ) .

In addition, researchers found post- surgery , 83 percent of patients able to walk without a walker , and 70 percent had satisfactory speech . Nearly 60 percent of patients can be educated in regular schools , although still to be accompanied , and 42 percent of patients over the age of six years have reading skills are above average.

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