‘Obesity becomes one of the most important concerns for everyone. Initially obesity is often a problem for residents in developed countries. But now obesity is also much attacking people in developing countries like Indonesia. ‘Obesity is a condition when the body has a lot of fat. Physically people who suffer from obesity will look fat or very fat. The most dangerous of obesity is the body is more susceptible to several complications such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease so it needs to do how to prevent obesity so as not to continue.

‘Given that there are many complications of critical illness that can happen to obese people, then we need to avoid or prevent obesity. Here are some ways to prevent obesity and how to maintain a healthy body that you can do.

1. Allow Children to Do Outdoor Activities
Children are also very susceptible to obesity. The development of the era provides a very special and full facilities for children. Because it’s now a lot of kids who prefer to stay indoors to play with gadgets or view the television. This habit can make weight gain because children lack physical movement. ‘To overcome this, children should be allowed to play outside with parents or adults. Give some traditional games that require a lot of movement. Also invite the child to play with many friends to trigger a better physical movement.

2. Organize Eating Habits in the Family
If you are married then prevent obesity can be done together. You can apply rules like eating with family on a regular basis. This event will encourage all your family members to have the right meal time. ‘This habit is very good for weight loss. Avoid giving excessive snacks to children and instead invite children to eat together. This will also help teach children to have better eating habits.

3. Give Healthy Food Examples for Children
Parents should be a good example for children. Children can understand about the type of food and how to eat well. You can give examples like eating vegetables when eating together. ‘Then teach children to consume fruits that can nourish the body. This example will help children recognize a good diet from childhood. While the parents can maintain body weight naturally.

4. Reduce Time Watching TV
Seeing the various types of events and entertainment in front of the television is very enjoyable. You can get entertainment and the mind becomes less depressed. But if this habit is done continuously it can reduce physical activity. It can also increase weight. Watching television will keep your body in the same position for some time. Even if you move the channel by remote then physical activity also becomes very limited. Therefore, it is better to use the rest time not only to see TV but to get out of the house, clean the yard, take care of the flowers or just take a walk in the park.

5. Get used to eat slowly
Eating habits slowly can also help prevent obesity. When you eat more quickly because of the rush or habits then your stomach receives a lot of food that is not smooth. This causes the digestive organs to work very slowly to smooth the food. The absorption of food nutrition becomes very slow and there are many carbohydrates that settle in the body. The body’s metabolism also runs very slowly and makes all the organs of the body unable to work properly. Because it is eating too quickly will make obesity.

6. Stop Eating Before Afternoon
The habit of stop eating before full is also very good for your body. You can get a better metabolic system. This habit will regulate all parts of the digestive organs. When your body receives food that suits the needs of the body then there is no buildup of nutrients in the body. Your body only accepts food when hungry.

Hopefully this article useful for you.