unhappy couple

unhappy couple

It is no secret anymore if a healthy sex life is very beneficial for you and your partner. No wonder, because sex can help boost your immune system, relieve stress and do not forget the endorphins released during sex can improve your mood.

But not less important than the benefits it is knowing how to maintain and improve your sex life from day to day. Therefore, consider 11 tips to maintain sexual health and get a healthy sex life is quoted from timesofindia, Thursday (12/7/2012) below.

1. Perform Kegel exercises
Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles around the genital organs (PC or pubococcygeus muscles) by increasing blood circulation in the pelvic area so that the pressure and increased sensitivity.

Strong PC muscle will produce a stronger sensation during foreplay and orgasm. Rest on the PC muscle during sex can also increase the pleasure of orgasm for women.

2. Do not Think of sex as an expense
The key lies not in how you deny a request for sex partners, but rather the way to make you enthusiastic about your own sex life. Though sex should be active for lowering your stress.

Talk to your partner if you want to make love. Let the sexual activity that goes as natural as possible.

3. 3 Food consumption is
Oysters, strawberries and avocados have been known as the three top foods that can help improve one’s sex life.

Oysters are able to set the mood before making love. These foods also increase male sperm count, whereas the red color of strawberries trigger sexual arousal, especially during foreplay.

Another with avocado. Because the content of unsaturated fatty acids and exceptional foliknya the avocado can help metabolize protein in the body, thus giving you more energy for sex.

4. Do not Smoke
Nicotine in cigarettes is known to cause the greatest damage to blood vessels, even though most private body part is your reproductive organs.

Medically, acute disorders such as vasospasm, impaired contraction of the penile tissue and blood flow to the penis is the harmful effects of smoking. In fact, smoking also causes male infertility due to reduced quality of sperm produced.

5. Make the Small Actions at the Right Time
Emotional and psychological aging and lack of interest in sex can negatively impact a person’s sex life, especially if left alone and untreated.

So important to do things in a simple but at the right time to partner know you are still interested in him. The trick, he teased the couple when he was busy cooking or sending erotic messages from your cell phone while he was busy completing his work at night, it could also cuddle while watching TV together.

6. Do not Let Your Pet experts
Men like to brag as a sex expert in shame to admit a sense of insecurity and lack of experience they have. So think otherwise.

For the men, do not do it on your partner. Communicate exactly what you want and your partner during sex. Also make sure he does not merely lead the way sex that you both.

7. Perform Sex Therapy
Before you find a sex therapist, take the time to dig and explore whether it is that you really need? The point is, sex therapy will not teach you how to make love.

In contrast, this therapy helps relieve anxiety, changes in emotions, attitudes and behaviors that inhibit the process of lovemaking, including coping with physiological symptoms that interfere with your sex life.

8. Enjoy Your Foreplay
Although you may be anxious or too excited, do not immediately reach orgasm. Take your time and give time for couples to do the warm-up and prolong foreplay.

Also make sure you are sufficiently aroused before intercourse. If not, sex will feel more painful than pleasant, and even could really be disastrous.

9. Manage Your Sex Life Aging Effectively
Your desire for sex may be decreased from time to time due to low levels of testosterone in your body or health conditions associated with age.

For that, you are advised not to focus solely on achieving orgasm, but you and your partner should begin enjoying the body and the compatibility of each.

Do not rely too much passion enhancer drugs unnecessary. Even so, always try to talk with your doctor first before taking the drug because it could be bad for your sex drive.

Regardless, masturbation, sensual massage, kissing, hugging and open communication with your partner is also important to revive your interest in sex.

10. Add your current Schedule Depression Sex
To overcome the depression that do not affect your sex life, do the following ways:

– Discuss your problems with your partner and try to devise a plan that can be accepted and applied by both parties.
– Tell yourself that depression is just a phase in your life and your sex life will return to normal once you are able to handle the depression.
– Use of psychological treatment for depression.
– If you do not want full sexual intercourse, try activities such as kissing and hugging that might gradually restore your passion.
– Do not force yourself to have sex because it makes you feel worse.
– If you are taking depression medication, ask your doctor side effects that may interfere with your sex life.

11. Sport
Exercise is known to have many health benefits and one of them must have been related to sex. This activity helps facilitate blood circulation and keep the cardiovascular system that is needed to facilitate sexual intercourse.

Health experts around the world also believe an increase endorphins in the body helps the process of making love in a way to make you and your partner feel more sexy that way you will be more enjoyable sex.