Too much sitting has proven harmful to health but it makes no difference with too stubborn exercise. Rather than make a long life, moderate-intensity exercise such as jogging can actually damage the heart if done excessively.

This revealed two heart specialists from the U.S. after reviewing the few studies on the health condition of the runners. “Regular physical activity can actually increase the contrast of your age but ran too fast, too far and too often will accelerate the journey one reaches the end of his life.”

Therefore, in a review published in the journal Heart, the second doctor named James O’Keefe of Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, Kansas City, and Carl Lavie John Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute, New Orleans is also a lover of running this suggests that people who want to exercise vigorously should limit this activity for 30-50 minutes per day only. Moreover, you should do a marathon of a lifetime or only occasionally, rather than routine.

Because exercising intensely for more than 1-2 hours can damage the heart, including stretching, tearing and injured heart tissue to improve the chances of dangerous changes in heart rhythm.

The first studies were reviewed O’Keefe and Lavie observe health conditions of more than 50,000 people for more than 30 years. From there participants are also known to 14,000 runners in this study were 19 percent fewer die sooner than other participants during the study held.

But if more in-depth analysis, the results reveal proven longevity participants if they would take the distance limit when running between 5-20 miles per week only. Instead the intensity of his running participants more than it does not show the different conditions with participants who are not runners.

Even the same study also described a high speed run too little benefit. Participants who benefit most are doing ‘comfortable jog’ the speed of 6-7 mph. So is the flight frequency, the study revealed jogging for 2-5 days a week is better than is done every day.

In line with the first study, a second study involving 20,000 people Denmark also found the intensity of slow jogging can increase the life expectancy (life expectancy) people who do.

In conclusion, “the unique effects as well as the potential of the sport lies precisely in physical activity mediocrity. So if someone wants to compete in a marathon or triathlon game, of course it requires a high-intensity workout for hours a day. But it is different with people who just want to live a healthy life as long as possible, ideally it only requires exercise and physical activity with lower intensity, “added the two was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, Monday (03/12/2012).