BreakfastThe morning rush is usually experienced by employees, especially in urban areas. Stalled traffic makes it a little time is precious so do not be late arriving at the office. As a result, the rush, many people who go to work without breakfast. There are several reasons why someone does not start the day with breakfast. Or some are considered breakfast or breakfast are less important, even is one way to lose weight by reducing the entry of food in the morning. Actually, what is important to start the day with breakfast? How to get around so you can make breakfast a regular basis? What is a healthy breakfast menu for the body?Benefits of BreakfastBreakfast or eating breakfast is important. The reason is because during sleep for about 8 hours of no food your body that enters the body, while activities such as breathing, moving or other light activity is still running. As a result the body’s sugar levels are very low. While the early days of physical activity from walking, such as a trip to the office, thinking or concentration need to be doing well.All this requires energy and the energy obtained from food eaten.

By eating good food, will make the body feel full and will evoke the spirit to perform the activity. You will not feel sluggish or preoccupied by a hungry stomach. A healthy breakfast can help lower cholesterol levels. Emotionally, breakfast can be a gathering place for all family members, telling each other, communicate and get closer emotionally. It’s a good thing to create a harmonious family.

Why is breakfast?

However, although aware of the importance of breakfast. There are people who feel reluctant to do so for several reasons. For example:

Pressed for time, so do not be late arriving at the office, someone skip breakfast or just drink milk or coffee for breakfast.To overcome this problem, you should get up earlier. In order not to feel sleepy when you wake up in the morning, you have to sleep early. Discipline yourself to not be tempted to watch TV or surf that can make us awake until late at night.

Fear of fat. Reduce the entry of food rations in the morning can make us look slimmer. This opinion is wrong because even without breakfast, calories can eat more. Without breakfast, your metabolism and fat burning will decrease so that the day will increase your appetite. Body feels hungry can make you look so calorie snacks are included in the body increases.
 Not used, feel nauseous or stomach pain when eating in the morning. You have to instill in the mind to familiarize themselves earnestly to stay healthy breakfast. Try to indirect breakfast after waking up but given the lag time between 1-2 hours after eating breakfast your new build. Another thing to do is to not spend lengsung breakfast, but divide it into several smaller portions that can be eaten throughout the morning. Make sure the packaging is not damaged which can cause food to be broken.
Bored or do not desire to eat breakfast. The solution is to create not only a varied breakfast menu of fried rice, bread jam, scrambled eggs or any other menu-that’s just it. Indeed, this is not easy, because maybe you are working, you can be late to the office when the need to prepare food that bothered. But you can try to prepare food for breakfast at night. The next day, you just finish the cooking of food that will save you time. By providing more time, the benefits to be had more responses.Breakfast menuBreakfast is done every day. However, if the menu you have a healthy breakfast? The number of calories that should be included in our bodies over breakfast is as much as 300-400 calories. The recommended food for breakfast is nutritionally adequate menu, the menu corresponding to the “Four Perfect Healthy Five”, the 3 of them are composed of carbohydrates, protein, milk, cereal.Another option is to drink fruit juice, 2 large servings of fruit, milk or low fat milk.

Because only a few times, employees are often breakfast after arriving at the office. The negative side of buying food is that we do not know to what extent the food hygiene. To avoid diseases caused by unclean food, try to choose healthy foods that contain adequate nutrients. Choose food in containers that are closed in order to ensure the food is not seized with flies or mosquitoes that carry the seeds disease.

Strive also to avoid the less healthy foods that are greasy or purchased at a breakfast menu. For example, you can avoid taking offal while eating porridge. Avoid milk while enjoying pureed green beans, avoid eating crackers when eating rice or else rice food. But, do not forget to familiarize yourself with eating fried foods for breakfast this morning because of high calories and the use of cooking oils that are less good.

Now, there’s no reason to start the day without breakfast because there were many benefits to be gained by a healthy breakfast on a regular basis. It can also be trained on the children so they get used to a breakfast that will energize them to participate in a crowded school, helped him to concentrate and understand the lesson. So, try to provide a menu of healthy and delicious breakfast that will be enjoyed by all family members.