Sometimes a person can reach the peak stress as to make him unable to think or concentrate. If you experience this, do the following.

Although a certain amount of stress is good for health, but when it comes to interfere with their daily work would need separate treatment in order to get back on the move.

Relaxation is one of the activities that are most effective in addressing the mental health and prevent the development of stress and anxiety, which in turn makes people feel better.

There are certain things you can do to relaxation like soaking in the bath, listening to music and a walk in the park. But for some of these activities did not succeed.

If it does not work and stress has made people can not think, try the following steps, as quoted by the BBC, Saturday (09/15/2012), namely:

1. Choose a quiet place where no one would bother.
2. Before you start, do some light stretching exercises to relieve muscle tension.
3. Make yourself as comfortable as possible, either by sitting or lying down.
4. Begin breathing slowly and in a calm and easy or painless yourself.
5. Massage gently and relax every part of the body from the feet to the face and head.
6. When focusing on each area, think of warmth, happiness and relaxation.
7. Try to push out the thoughts that are intrusive.
8. Do not be too pushy self, just releasing tension in the muscles allowing for so relax.
9. Leave blank mind, some people usually imagine a serene and beautiful as a garden or meadow.
10. Stay like that for 20 minutes Secondly take a deep breath and open your eyes, but stay sitting or lying down for a few moments before getting up.