career woman

career woman

Work hard to pursue the career has become a lifestyle most of today’s urban women. This trend is not without risk, because research shows that women are more vulnerable successful breast cancer.

Research conducted over 55 years demonstrate a link between stress in working with the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer. The higher the position of a woman, the greater the cancer risk that may be faced.

In that study, women aged 30 years and younger who occupy managerial positions in 1970 have the same stress level as the career woman of today. In a position that is certainly exposed to many professional demands, the risk of breast cancer up to 70 percent.

“Women who occupy managerial positions in the 1970s experienced prejudice and discrimination due to cultural as it considers man as more able to lead,” said Dr. Tetyana Pudrovska who led the study as quoted by The Independent, Monday (06/10/2013 ).

In the work environment gender bias, women with high positions experience higher stress. Discrimination and resistance from subordinates and colleagues often arise because women are often considered to be no more worthy to lead than men.

“We believe that women still face this kind of stress, and hence an increased risk (of cancer) was observed up to now,” said Dr. Pudrovska that in this study involving nearly 4,000 people, all of which in 1975 was 36 years.

Breast cancer is one of the most deadly cancers in women than cervical cancer. The cause is multifactorial, ranging from stress, genetic up the smoking habit could indirectly lead to mutations in DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid).