Heart AttackSymptoms of Heart Disease
The symptoms are perceived if you have coronary heart disease include pain or pain in the chest in which most people thought it was just as indigestion. Then other symptoms of feeling depressed in the middle of the chest for 30 seconds to 5 minutes.Another thing is the cold sweat, palpitations, dizziness, and felt like fainting. These symptoms are not always perceived sufferer.Another warning sign is shortness of breath during exercise.For several months before a heart attack are usually people with heart disease often feel very tired. Do not assume these symptoms are caused by lack of sleep and stress of the job.Pain or feeling pressure in the chest, called angina, gave warning to half of those who suffer a heart attack. Some people experience shortness of breath or fatigue and feeling weak as symptoms, indicating that the heart is not getting enough oxygen due to blockage of a coronary.Usually a few days before having a massive heart attack, a person will experience muscle contractions suddenly in the chest which is a small attack or a mild heart attack. Common mild heart attack before the attack of a few days later.

If symptoms of heart attacks happen to you:1. Recognize any of these symptoms occur whether chest pain,shortness of breath, or palpitations.2. Cease immediately all work no matter what you’re doing and sit or lie down while you draw a deep breath.3. If you are alone while the symptoms last more than a few minutes immediately contact the local emergency phone number and say you have a heart attack. Or contact the people around you to provide the same information.

4. If anyone can take you to the hospital faster than the arrival of paramedics, immediately ask for his help going to take you to the emergency room at the hospital. Faster would be better.

5. But if you wait for a team of paramedics arrived, then while waiting, you can loosen tight clothing, including belts or ties.Create yourself in a position that feels comfortable.

6. Remain calm, no matter you are the victim or his salvation. The panic may increase the likelihood of arrhythmia or heart rhythm irregularities that threaten life.