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Babies can be exposed Diarrhea Due to Contaminated Milk Bottle



The baby has an immune system that has not been perfect because he was vulnerable to infections such as diarrhea. If your baby uses a bottle of milk, then watch out for diarrhea caused by contaminated milk bottles by germs or bacteria.

“It is not uncommon baby diarrhea because of contaminated milk bottles,” said Dr. Lily Rudjan, SpA (K) of the division of Perinatology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of medicine / RSCM in the training Lightening archipelago in RSCM, Jakarta, Friday (21/09/2012).

Dr. Lily tells mothers and health workers need to properly sterilize feeding bottles and use a brush to wash the bottle in order to clean the bottom of the bottle because if you use your hands will not be enough.

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Proper Drug Use and In accordance with Rule

Medicine is something that is generally consumed when someone is sick. When suffering from colds, coughs, stomach ulcers or headaches (headaches), most people treat it with drugs that can be purchased freely in shops, stores or pharmacies. This is because the disease typically recover quickly and are considered harmless. However, there are things to consider when you are taking any OTC drugs or antibiotics. Continue reading

Overcoming Pain and Dental cavities

Suffering from a toothache is not a pleasant experience. The pain can even make an adult cry. Cavities generally be the original cause us suffering from toothache. Toothache is also a serious health problem for many people. What exactly happens to our teeth when suffering from toothache? What other causes of cavities? How do I prevent toothache?

Tooth decay is not caused by worms such as the opinion of those in ancient times. This theory lasted until the 1700’s to Willoughby Miller an American dentist who worked at the University of Berlin found the cause of tooth decay.  Continue reading

Enjoy Kefir, Feel the Benefits

KefirKefir is a type of beverage similar to yogurt. However, its effect on health was mentioned more powerful than yogurt. What exactly is kefir? What are the benefits for the body? Continue reading

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