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Proper Drug Use and In accordance with Rule

Medicine is something that is generally consumed when someone is sick. When suffering from colds, coughs, stomach ulcers or headaches (headaches), most people treat it with drugs that can be purchased freely in shops, stores or pharmacies. This is because the disease typically recover quickly and are considered harmless. However, there are things to consider when you are taking any OTC drugs or antibiotics. Continue reading

Identify Metals in Your Body

Inside Body

Inside Body

To perform its functions properly, our bodies need good nutrition. Substances that the body needs not only in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, or vitamins. Various metallic substances are also required to keep the body working properly. Any metal that the body needs? What does it do? How much the body needs?

Various metallic substance that the body include:

Continue reading

8 Tips fattening body

How to Fat

How to Fat

If a lot of fat people are disappointed with the shape and weight, the same is much complained of by the people who lean. But the difference, if fat people desperate to lose weight, otherwise skinny people want to add weight to make it look a little fuller.

Just as the process of losing weight, body fattening process is also not easy. But certainly, the process must be fattening weight the healthy way. Are there any tips to fatten the body effectively and in a healthy way? Of course there are way, please consider a few tips to fatten the body following:

1. Add calories

The activity is, men need an average of 2200 calories calories, while women 1900 calories per day. Add 1000 calories each day so that your weight will increase approximately half a kilo a week. Continue reading

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