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Immune Able to Fight Cancer

Kekebalan Tubuh Mampu Melawan Kanker

If the body is sick, then that means there is something wrong with your body’s immune system or immune system. Possibly due to loss of balance. The body’s immune function to fight the disease that attacks the body so that you will not get sick if your immune system strong. On the contrary is that you will be susceptible to disease if you do not keep the system imunmu well. It can happen to someone who is suffering from cancer. A weakened immune system will not be balanced against the virus cancer so malignant cancer cells will continue to eat away at the body.

Healing techniques cancer patients include chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug administration did not really guarantee the patient’s recovery, because if the immune system continues to weaken, the cancer cells will be grown stronger in the body and spread slowly to all the networks.

There is a new strategy that can be done to fight cancer cells, which is not only focused on the discovery of the location of the tumor, but also by trying to strengthen the immune system to make it capable of beating the cancer cells. And this is referred to as immunotherapy. Tumor will not grow and develop in a healthy body and a strong immune system. The survival rate of patients with advanced amount can reach 5-15 years because of immunotherapy. Immunotherapy may prevent recurrence and slows the growth of cancer, and improve general health and also boost the immune system are affected by the side effects of chemotherapy. Continue reading

Prevent Breast Cancer With Massage

prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most frightening specter for every woman wherever they are. Many have always felt haunted by feelings of worry about breast cancer. This is because breast cancer is one disease that is difficult diagnosed symptoms.

There are several ways you can do to prevent this dangerous cancer. In addition to maintaining a healthier lifestyle, you can also massage the breast as a preventive action. Like what the massage? Check out his review as follows yuk.

Breast massage is done in accordance correct technique or by a reliable therapist will help protect all women from the dangers of breast cancer. This is because there is a woman’s breast lymph vessels that serves to drain the lymph into the breast. If the vessel is working optimally it will immediately remove toxins from the body. Continue reading

Cancer Symptoms Often Overlooked


Cancer is a deadly disease that is much feared by most people of the world. Most people assume that the early symptoms of cancer can not be detected clearly.

Recently a researcher says that the early symptoms of cancer is very likely experienced by someone. And even symptoms are often referred to as common diseases.

This is the fifth cancer symptoms are often overlooked because they are sick of the usual:

1. Lump in the Body

If you have a strange lump in the body, immediately went to the doctor and find out the lump. Lumps may be cancerous cells or tumors. Not a few people consider the lump that suddenly grow in the body is a common illness, but if not checked immediately could be lumps are cancer symptoms. Continue reading

Dangers of Prostate Cancer can be prevented

prevent prostate cancer

prevent prostate cancer

Prostate owned by a man prone to inflammation and cancer . Therefore every man must know exactly how to maintain the health of one of their most important organ of this .

The team of researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston claim there is a simple way to protect men from prostate cancer . How was none other than hours of sleep.

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Ovarian Cancer Risk Increased in Women Working Night Shift



Working the night shift is not just mess up your sleep schedule, but it also can increase the risk of various diseases, such as obesity or heart attack. In fact according to a recent study, it may be associated with ovarian cancer risk in women.

The study was published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, which is the result of research by scientists from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Researchers found that women who work the night shift may be at a higher risk of ovarian cancer.

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Nuts Can Reduce Risk of Liver Cancer


Liver cancer cases are rising around the world and reduce the quality of life, can even lead to death. According to a recent study, vitamin E, which are found mainly in nuts may reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Liver is the organ that has a heavy burden of having to perform important functions in the body 300. These functions ranging from cholesterol and glucose metabolism, cleanse harmful chemicals in the body, to overcome the toxins that enter through food.

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