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Prevent and Overcome Flu Attacks

Prevent and Overcome Flu Attacks

This time seems to be one that makes the season a lot of people have a cold or other illness. For the flu, it was confirmed that everyone has felt it. Flu itself is a disease caused by influenza virus and can affect anyone, be it a small child or an adult. The flu did not just make a person has a cough and a cold. Furthermore, flu untreated or left alone can make sufferers more prone to various other dangerous diseases. To cope or treat the flu is actually not only be done by taking medicine alone.

Prevent and treat the flu can even be done in a way that is most convenient to drink plenty of water. A health doctor ear, nose and throat (ENT) revealed that drinking lots of water during the flu can cure the flu. Approximately, how drinking water can treat the flu? So here goes, revealed that the nutrients contained in the water can make the body become more immune, circulatory system in the body work properly and viruses or bacteria that cause the flu can get out of the body through the water released by the body either through urine or through sweat ,

In a survey of two thousand participants by some health experts found that their lack of fluid in the body will be more susceptible to disease and flu virus. Participants who drank only water as much as 3 to 5 cups per day susceptible to colds or cough and sore throat. While participants who drank eight or more glasses per day are known to be healthy both physically and psychologically. Experts say if sufficient water intake can not only treat the flu. Furthermore, this will also be made to avoid the flu. It also will make it have a calmer mind and focus. Compared with drinks that contain flavor, coffee or tea, said that water is the most healthful and refreshing drinks. Continue reading

Disease Kidney Failure

Penyakit Gagal Ginjal

Kidney disease is a disease that kills silently. So called because the symptoms of this disease are often not felt by the sufferer. However, once symptoms can already be felt turns the disease has entered a severe stage. Therefore, early detection is necessary so that the disease can be immediately dealt with appropriately.

Detection of kidney disease can be done by doing three series of tests that are offered at the hospital. The medical tests needed to confirm the diagnosis and plan of treatment stages. So, what are the three series of tests it? Here’s the full review.

  • Blood Pressure Test
    Blood pressure tests are needed to determine the level of your blood pressure. As is known, high blood pressure is the most common cause of kidney failure. If you have high blood pressure, around 140/90 mmHg, then certainly you have hypertension and would be more susceptible to diseases such as kidney failure.

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Tips for Recovering From Addiction

If this is your first time seeking recovery from addiction, it’s important to understand that addiction isn’t a lack of willpower or morals – it’s a disease. Since it’s a disease, it cannot be cured. However, it can be managed. Follow these tips for a more successful recovery.

1. Find help from a professional who feels that addiction is a disease, like those who you’ll meet at Morningside Recovery . These people will offer the best help when it comes to guiding you through recovery.

2. Think of your recovery as your number one priority. Always put yourself and your recovery first. Regularly stay in touch with professionals who can offer treatment options and advice.

3. Only take one day at a time. Remember, recovery isn’t a destination or a goal, it’s a process, and one that takes time. You have to overcome each negative thought one at a time, or else the idea of long-term recovery will be too overwhelming.

4. Communicate openly and regularly. Whether you talk to your friends, sponsor, family members, or the professionals at Morningside , being open about your challenges will help your recovery. It may be uncomfortable to talk about your struggles, but you need a support system around you.

5. Change the environment. Even if you can’t move to another city or state, you can change your routine, the places you go, and the people you surround yourself with. This may include changing the people you’re friends with.

6. Create a healthy lifestyle that includes eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly, even if it’s only for a half hour walk. Being healthy improves your mental health, which will make you better armed to deal with your recovery.

7. Join a support group of some kind. Try out a few different kinds, like AA meetings or social networks, to see which ones work best for you.

8. Work on a regular schedule. Having people hold you accountable is a great way to streamline your days and get on a routine. Being productive will also boost your self-esteem. Ideally, find a job with people who are also in recovery – they’ll provide support on a daily basis.

Nobody can deal with recovery alone. Don’t be ashamed to seek out help and to ask for support. The people around you – both professionals and personal relationships – want to see you succeed.

Abdominal Pain Symptoms, Causes and Solutions

Stomach ache

Stomach ache

This is a disease of million people, whoever it was never exposed to abdominal pain. Some of the things below would distinguish the type of abdominal pain that you experience, in terms of symptoms, then the first step to overcome them. Of course, in severe cases you need help from an expert, a doctor at your next house.
So, what should you do?

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