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Avoid These Foods After 30 Years Old

Human age is increasing, we have to be aware of any changes in ourselves. But we do not need to worry too much with age. The age of 30 years is an important milestone in one’s life, in which many changes experienced, both physically and mentally. Many studies have claimed that after the age of 30 years, the degeneration of cells in the human body starts, then gradually weakens the immune system, joints, and skin elasticity. If you want to stay healthy after age 30, it must carefully select the food that will be consumed. What we eat today, the impact will come later. Here’s a list of foods that you should avoid after the age of 30 years:

Soft drink
Soft drinks are very popular among adults, especially when out of the house. To note, the research has stated that soft drinks contain high levels of sugar can lead to weight gain easily in people over the age of 30 years. Soft drinks can also affect the quality of the ovaries and sperm which cause fertility problems. Continue reading

Things You Should Do to Maintain Dental Health

Things You Should Do to Maintain Dental Health

Dental health is very important, because healthy teeth not only make the appearance more attractive but also will make you appear more confident. ladies, problems that plague dental health among other brittle teeth, cavities, yellow teeth and sensitive teeth. Problems with teeth can be caused by an unhealthy diet and unhealthy habits you.

Maintaining dental health can be started by adjusting the diet, and keeping what foods you should avoid. Here is a habit that you should avoid as follows:

  • Beverages Containing Sugar
    In order for your teeth healthy and avoid dental problems, you need to avoid are beverages that contain lots of artificial sweeteners. Avoid beverages like soda, soft drink, artificially sweetened syrup with. You can replace a sweet taste in your drinks with fresh fruit or honey. Of course, since this is more healthful.
  • Vitamin pill is chewed
    If you like to drink vitamin chewed, better quit. Vitamin chewed will cause damage to the teeth. This is because these vitamins are acidic which can damage the health.
  • Nail biting
    Nail biting besides disrespectful and impressed slovenly, it will also be able to make the tooth enamel will be damaged. Damage to tooth enamel can cause teeth to become brittle and damaged.

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Signs of Body Mandatory Rest

Tanda dari Tubuh Wajib Istirahat

Sometimes, deadlines or deadlines job of being the main reason for delaying the work until the appointed time approached although we own the know that the habit is not good for our bodies. Our body needs time to rest and breathe. Therefore, it helps us learn to be smarter set time everyday so that work is completed within the deadlines specified and we can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The habit of staying up late to work or task was not taboo. Sometimes, due to too serious work and too focused on the task we are doing, we forget that the body was exhausted at work, especially if we work at a computer or active work that requires extra energy and agile body movements. The habit of forcing the body to work is something that should be avoided because it will result in jobs to be not optimal and decreases the body’s metabolism which then will allow many diseases to enter our bodies.

It’s good, we recognize some of the signs of the body that indicate that our body was exhausted and needed a break. Here are the signs:

1. Difficult focus
Fatigue we feel may be caused due to lack of sleep, dehydration, etc. Lack of sleep and dehydration can reduce oxygen levels in the body that can cause difficulty thinking brain because the brain works using oxygen absorbed by the body. If we are deprived of oxygen and the brain is hard work, we should increase intake of mineral water in the body and regulates our sleep time to match the time that is supposed to sleep at around 6-8 hours per day. Continue reading

This is a result of If Not Diligent Toothbrushes

Ini Akibat Jika Tak Rajin Sikat Gigi

Do you know when the time is right to brush your teeth every day? Brushing teeth is actually done after breakfast and at night before sleeping, not while you’re showering. If you underestimate this case, it is not only problematic tooth but also other organs are also feeling the effects. So, what’s your excuse for not diligently brushing your teeth?

Brushing teeth to help cleanse the bacteria that exist in between the teeth and oral cavity after various kinds of food into the mouth. Before going to bed, make sure your teeth are clean and your mouth so that bacteria do not develop into much and damage the teeth and gum. The correct way to cleanse the mouth is used with liquid gargle mouthwash for 1-2 minutes, then continue by brushing. During this time, many are brushing their teeth first and rinse. Apparently, the good done is to rinse out that all the dirt in between the teeth can be softened and easy to clean when you’re brushing your teeth.

If you now know how best to clean the mouth and teeth, what if you ignore all of this and do not know what are the dangers that you can get when the mouth and gum not cleaned properly every day? Continue reading

Signs Destructive Diet Body

Tanda Diet Merusak Tubuh

For women who care about appearances, you would think to go on a diet in order to lose weight so it has a slim body ideal and more interesting, right? The diet was not wrong, even very healthy for maintaining ideal body weight will keep you from various diseases.

But do not necessarily apply strict diet inhuman. Know dietary restrictions you do, because the diet is also not too hard either. How do I know you excessive dieting or not, consider the following signs.

  • Avoid all kinds of food
    You must avoid high fat foods low in nutrients such as fried foods, bersantan, snacks and so forth. But that does not mean you can restrict food intake, eating only once a day and with very small portions.

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Tips to Overcome Back Pain

mengatasi sakit pinggang

Many people who complain of pain or back pain due to too much sitting or too much bending or so. Pain or back pain can indeed happen and would greatly interfere with daily activities.

A great many causes of back pain and if you are one of them who frequently experience and want to avoid backache, follow these tips :

  • Limit bedtime
    Do not sleep too long. Time is the most healthy for about 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Sleeping too long can actually be the cause of back pain due to the weight of charged directly to the spine and can cause inflammation in the joints.

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Caring for and Maintaining Vaginal Health

merawat daerah intim

The vagina is the female reproductive organs that have a very important role. For example, a normal delivery in which the baby out of the vagina. However, some women often assume vaginal hygiene is not something that is too important so often cause some disease in this part of the female sex.

Vagina is located in a very humid and allow bacteria or fungus growing in it if it is not kept clean. Well here are some ways to care for and maintain the cleanliness of the vagina:

  • Wash your vagina every day, but do not use any soap. Because, washing the vagina with feminine hygiene products can disturb the level of acidity (pH) and kill good bacteria in the vagina.
  • Do it gently washes the vagina start of the labia (lips of the vagina) to the clitoral area.

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Adverse Effects Of Eating Too Night

Efek makan malam

You must have heard many suggestions or warnings that you should not eat dinner too late or maybe even you do not need dinner at all because it can lead to obesity. Although it is not entirely true, but it is also not wrong, because calorie intake at night is also worth noting if you do not want fat.

But not only cause weight gain, there are three other effects that follow the eating habits too late or late dinner, some of which are:

  • High stomach acid
    Just like if you late to eat, when you eat too late, stomach acid will increase. So you should eat when not too late, or estimate the last time you did not eat too much at dinner time. Limit until 7 pm only.
  • High appetite
    If you eat more than 9 hours to eat a heavy meal. Guaranteed appetite will increase between 6-8 hours a night, especially for cravings. This is because your stomach needs to be filled, but you put it off until over night. If you only eat no more than 9 hours, the desire to snack can also be minimized because the stomach is full.

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