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Do Not Sleep Too Late


The doctors have recently shocked the medical world since the discovery of the case of a 37-year-old young doctor who had been very trusting the results of liver function tests (SGOT, SGPT) *, but it turned out just before the Lunar New Year a positive note with liver cancer
10 cm !!

So far, almost all people are dependent upon the index of liver function tests (Liver Function Index). They think if the inspection result normal index means
all OK. This is not entirely true and not entirely wrong.


Liver cancer prevention should be done in the right way. There is no other way except to detect and treat it as early as possible, said the doctor. Currently there are patients who complain that doctors over the last month often experience abdominal pain and weight down very much. After examination of new supersound found some very large liver cancer, nearly 80% of the liver is worn-out.

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Check Your Liver Function



Human liver has many functions, over 500 liver functions. Some liver function among others neutralize toxins in the body as the organ that controls fats, amino acids and sugars in the blood, fight infection, processed foods that have been completed digested by the small intestine, regulate bile, produce enzymes and proteins that are useful for a variety of processes in the body such as the blood clotting process and repair damaged tissue.

Liver function usually remains will function properly regardless of the age factor. However, some of the “enemy” that can damage the liver, among others due to excessive alcohol consumption, fatty liver and hepatitis virus that attacks the liver. Early detection can save on liver function in order to keep the liver function.

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Nuts Can Reduce Risk of Liver Cancer


Liver cancer cases are rising around the world and reduce the quality of life, can even lead to death. According to a recent study, vitamin E, which are found mainly in nuts may reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Liver is the organ that has a heavy burden of having to perform important functions in the body 300. These functions ranging from cholesterol and glucose metabolism, cleanse harmful chemicals in the body, to overcome the toxins that enter through food.

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