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Beware of Skin Itching For Signs of Skin Cancer

Waspadai Kulit Gatal Sebagai Tanda Kanker Kulit

Itching of the skin was a natural thing to happen. Itching caused by insect bites or itching due to allergies is itching that does not need to worry about. But, if the itching of the skin takes place continuously for 4 weeks or more without a known cause of definite, the itching may be an early symptom of skin cancer, you know.

Continuous itching accompanied by redness of the skin that occur during approximately 4 weeks are characteristic of skin cancer at an early stage that you need to be aware of.

Furthermore, scaly skin is also an early indication of skin cancer occurs. The emergence of scales on the skin is an indication of the onset of skin cancer types Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC). SCC type of skin cancer is usually issued among other characteristics such as shape wound red, itchy, and scaly. These scars are generally flat and spread out on the surface of the skin such as the face, ears, lips, and hands. Continue reading

Skin Cancer Facts

skin cancer

Skin cancer is one type of cancer that is quite a lot of casualties. Various prevention has been widely disseminated. Among these are the diligent use of sunscreen, diligently checking black stains that may appear on the skin, and wear a wide-brimmed hat if the sun was scorching-hot. Various studies conducted to date, revealing new facts, which you may not know.

The following is the full explanation, as follows:

  • Curry¬†and Caffeine Can Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer
    You’re lucky if you like to drink coffee and eat curry, as both can help protect your skin. One study found that people who drink a lot of coffee, have a lower risk to the growth of carcinoma cells, a type of skin cancer. And turmeric, one of the materials used in curry, contains, an antioxidant compound that has anti-cancer effect, so as to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer and breast cancer.
  • SPF 100 Not 100%
    Sunscreen with SPF 100 actually can not 100% protect your skin from causing skin cancer. A maximum of only 98%, if used correctly. Sunscreen with SPF above 30 can protect your skin for about 95% of the causes of skin cancer. Even then, if you reuse once every 2 hours.

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Want your skin healthy and smooth?

Healthy skin

Healthy skin

Healthy skin is the hope of all people regardless of sex. But in reality, only women who are excited to have the face and body skin healthy, smooth and always radiant. While men do not seem to care about the health of the skin. To be able to have a healthy skin there must be a real effort to do every day. Then, is there any easy tips to keep skin healthy, smooth and radiant all day ….?

There are various factors that influence the health of skin large enough body and your face. Bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle are the two most dominant role down the health of your skin. With those two things start to change, then you too can have a body and facial skin healthy, smooth and radiant all day. Untul more detail, these 7 easy tips to keep skin healthy, smooth and radiant:

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