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Hobbies Can Make Your Brain Smarter


Each person will have a different hobby and always feel happy while doing and after doing his hobby. Nowadays, jobs and a solid routine every day is endless. The body will require other activities either by undergoing a hobby that you enjoy doing for relaxation, so the body is able to maintain the balance of life, preventing mental and emotional exhaustion.

Instead of wasting time on a hobby that does not help the mental and physical, you should start investing your time in activities that can improve productivity.

This hobbies will inspire and be able to make your brain smarter:
1. Meditation
Lots of studies showing that meditation has many health benefits for the body and brain. Meditation is able to direct the brain to focus on something, alter the brain that help to regain emotional control, as well as create a mood for the better. Continue reading

Current breast milk is a Dream For Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding Mothers

Breast milk is the most healthy food and is suitable for babies. Can breastfeed the baby is the most precious moment for a mother. But activity is not easy, even many mothers who experience barriers to breastfeeding. Examples such as milk flow is not smooth, which is difficult to attach baby’s mouth to the breast, or psychological disorders in the mother called the baby blues.

Breast milk does not directly flow smoothly at the beginning of the birth. Breast milk is only slightly dripping, It is called colostrum. Although very little colostrum, the fluid is very important for the baby. Because colostrum contains five immunoglobulins that serve as antibodies to strengthen the baby’s immune system. By the time the baby needs to be breastfed born not so much so it is natural that the milk out of the breast only slightly. So breastfeeding mothers need not worry if their milk supply minimal and avoid feelings of anxiety and stress for both things which hamper the smooth breast milk. Continue reading

Plan Your Baby’s Gender

Baby Boy and Girl

Baby Boy and Girl

After marriage you will wait for the presence of a baby. There are some couples plan their baby gender. Both medical and non-medical.

Parents can plan the sex of the baby. If you want a baby female, married couples must perform a medical way. Namely having sex three days before ovulation. Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from the egg wall or also called the fertile period. Continue reading

How To Freedom Your Teenage From Smoking



Many parents worry about their teenage for assessing the association of concern these days, one of which is that many teens are now smoking. Many teenagers who think that smoking is an early entry door adulthood, continue to the next stages of delinquency, including drug, alcohol, and even some linked to the lifestyle of free sex.

No wonder if such occurs. Because cigarettes in the world is also becoming a major originator as the world’s highest death rate in heart failure and cancer. Do not be surprised anyway, the article of cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 harmful chemicals that can damage the body. The chemicals in cigarettes especially will cause abnormalities of blood vessels which in turn will increase the risk for heart attack, stroke, hypertension, etc. up to 2-4 times.

So how to make sure your teenager free from smoking?. Here are some suggestions, especially for the elderly:

1. Provide A Good Example
Teenagers who smoke usually have parents who smoke. If you do not smoke, then hold on to. But if you are a smoker, then stop. The sooner you stop smoking, the chances of your child becoming a smoker too small. No matter how long you smoke, quit smoking but now also is a right decision. As soon as you stop smoking, your heart will be more relaxed, the blood becomes more dilute and less likely to form blood vessel blockage. The inner lining of blood vessels will start to recover from the inflammation that inhibits plaque formation of blood vessels. Enough to quit smoking has been able to reduce the risk of heart attack by 65% ??after 3 years. If you’ve had a heart attack, then quitting smoking will prevent another heart attack later in life. Well, it’s good of you to stop smoking for yourself, so be fruitful anyway good example for your child. Continue reading

Walking 10 Thousand Steps Every Day To Get Healthy ?



Everyone wants to have a healthy body, so many people are willing to spend a lot of time and money to get a healthy body. It turns out the walk can make a healthy body, you must have heard that a 10 thousand steps every day can make the body healthy. But do you really have to walk as much as it is to live a healthy life?.

Experts say that even though 10 thousand steps a day is a good number to reach, in fact any movement or activity you are doing is actually also can provide benefits for the body and health.

Quoted by Livescience, the origin of recommendation 10 thousand steps a day is not really scientific. “Pedometers are first sold in Japan in 1960 marketed under the name ‘manpo-kei’, which means ’10 thousand steps’. Study found that since that time people began to routinely perform a routine walk 10 thousand steps to be healthy, “said Catrine Tudor – Locke, Director of the Walking Behavior Laboratory, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge. Continue reading

Health Risks are Seldom Known to People as a Result of Smoking

No Smoking

No Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking can cause serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. Smoking can also cause impotence, as well as disorders of pregnancy and the fetus. It turns out that in addition to the cigarette still has a long list of health risks that are rarely known. Although they already know the risks, they are difficult to stop smoking, why ???. Hope by reading this article you are more familiar again with the risks that will arise.

Here are some of the adverse effects of smoking on the health of little-known people :
1 . Teeth
Smoking not only makes your teeth discoloration. Dentists Richard Guyver, author 4006 Live Another Days And Improve Your Health With Dental Medicine, said smoking increases the risk of disease, aka periodontal disease associated tissue supporting the teeth, and gum disease. “Smoking does not only make it become more severe disease, but also hide the early warning signs of the disease” said Richard dentist.

Continue reading

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